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The Cats

Trisha, NJ, USA
March 2005

In 1993, we had two Siamese cats, a rather large Seal Point and a small Flame Point. Although they never got along, they would both sleep in my bed every night (because I was the only one who would let them in my room): one would sleep at my head and the other at my feet.

Early one morning in November, between four and six o'clock, I woke up lying on my stomach. With the dim light from the street lamps shining through my window, I could see the Flame Point, Thai, lying near my head, sound asleep. I stretched out my foot to feel the Seal Point, Barron, lying in his customary spot at the other end. I then wondered why there were three cats on my bed. Our slightly transparent visitor was standing opposite Thai, looking up at a poster on my wall. She was a little bit bigger than he, slender, and white with a possible hint of Siamese points. I thought to myself, "I wonder if she'll disappear if I touch her?" I calmly touched her with my outstretched finger. Sure enough, she disappeared without a sound or any weird feeling.

About a year later, my mom was sitting at her sewing machine in her bedroom, with the door closed to keep out the cats. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a white cat trotting along the bed. Thinking Thai had somehow snuck in, she turned to look, but no one was there. So, she walked out to the family room and asked me what color ghost cat was that I had seen. We determined that we had both seen the same ghost.

My mom and I weren't the only ones to experience ghostly cats. By 1999, Thai and Barron were living elsewhere (so was I). One day, my sister visited our parents. While doing something at the dining room table, she thought she glimpsed a black cat hanging out behind the television. In the Winter of 2000, my sister-in-law was sitting in her room with the door closed to keep out her two cats, a Red Tabby and a black and white shorthair. But then, she felt a cat rub against her leg, and instinctively reached down to pet him, but no one was there. She got up and checked the other room ? both cats were lying on the bed, sound asleep. A few months later, she and my brother had to put down their Red Tabby, due to kidney failure. The next night, my sister-in-law swore she saw him slinking around in one of the rooms ? he very obviously was not the black and white cat.

None of us have seen our ghostly feline friends recently, but I still find them intriguing. Thanks for reading!

Trisha, NJ, USA
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