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The Chaser Ghost

Sarah, Massachusetts, USA
September 2004

I moved to Boston at the age of 18 to be on my own. I was living with my Aunt while looking for a place to live. I have spent many years in her home and still visit at least once a week.

I lived in the basement and had to go up 2 flights of stairs to get to the only bathroom in the house. This was not a problem for the first two weeks or so. Soon enough, I felt as if I were being followed into the bathroom. I made sure I was in there for a very brief amount of time. As I would leave, I felt as if someone were behind me and I would run down the two flights of stairs to the basement and feel like I was being chased by something very evil. I didn't feel safe until I was in the basement with the door firmly closed behind me. I don't recall ever having a ghostly experience in her home before. I used to be afraid of her bedroom (the room next to the bathroom) and still am a bit wary of it these days. I feel as if this entity comes from somewhere near her room. This continued on for the 2 years I lived there.

When I turned 19 my boyfriend (now my husband) moved in with me. We experienced things flying across the room, cd's mysteriously breaking as if unseen hands were minimizing our music collection, and worst of all, eerie scratching in the headboard as we tried to sleep. He never felt chased and often laughed at me for being afraid to use the bathroom. I thought that I was crazy until my friend Rachel came to stay a week with us. I never told her about my "chaser ghost", I didn't need to. Her running frantically from the bathroom told me she felt it too. We both went to the bathroom together for the duration of her stay. Four other female friends confirmed that the chaser was in fact a very real thing. No male has experienced this, or they are just not admitting it.

I remember a few times being brave enough to look behind me and seeing a shadowy figure slithering quickly on the floor after me. Seeing that made it even more terrifying.

My Parents moved in to my old room a few months ago. Mom feels as if there is something lingering but that it isn't active anymore. I refuse to sleep there alone or use the bathroom unless there are at lest 2 people awake and very close to the bathroom. In my current apartment I feel peaceful far.

Sarah, Massachusetts, USA
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