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The Closet (1)

Anonymous, TX, USA
October 2010

People call me crazy, or that I made this all up, but this day, I learned a lesson that if someone tells you no, sometimes it's best to listen to them.

It was a normal day in Savannah, Georgia for me and my friend Kahan. I had opened up to her about my past experiences with the paranormal and spiritual sensitivity, and she told me of a house in the city she had been to that had an evil spirit in it.
The house used to belong to a man who killed his 2 kids and wife, buried their bodies under the house, and then killed himself. So me being the stupidly curious person that I am, I begged her to show me the house. After walking about 45 minutes, we arrived. It was vacant, but the door was locked. The neighbor had the key and they willingly let us inside. With only the light of our cell phones to guide us, we stepped inside and began exploring. I didn't feel anything on the first floor, so up to the second we went. Before getting to the top of the stairs, Kahan told me which room was the safe room, and to remember that no matter what, I would be safe in there.
Almost the very instant we got towards the top of the stairs, I was instantly drawn to the room at the end of the hall on the right. Before going in, Kahan warned me that it had the nickname of "the bad room" and to stay clear of the closet, but I thought nothing of it.
I stood in front of the door, said a prayer, and stepped inside with Kahan right behind me. I looked to the back of the room and felt uneasy, but I was still being compelled to stay in that room. I turned around and saw the closet. I just had to see for myself why she told me to stay away from it. I said three prayers, then walked to the closet door. With Kahan freaking out behind me, telling me to not to do it, I opened the door.
All I can remember is stepping inside, looking up, and thinking to myself, "This is where he hung himself." Next thing I know, I can't breathe and Kahan has a fearful look in her eyes. It felt like my throat was normal but like the top was being sealed off somehow. She grabs me and we run to the safe room, where she tells me what had happened.
When I had stepped into the closet, a little bit afterwards I dropped my phone and just stood there. She pulled me out but I went right back in to the exact spot I had been standing in. I twitched a little and then started laughing. I had a smile on my face that I had never made before, and that I have not made sense. She asked, "What's so funny?" No response. I just kept laughing a sinister laugh. She asked again, "Lizzie! What's so funny?"
I kept laughing and responded, "being scared." I then leaned back slightly, tilted my head back, opened my mouth, and began twitching again. It appeared as if something was coming out of me. After that was when I came to and couldn't breathe.
Kahan told me she's never heard a laugh like the one I had made. It sounded sinister, one that couldn't be faked. She then told me how the man had died, and why I was supposed to stay away from that closet. He hung himself in that room, in that closet, exactly where I had been standing.

Anonymous, TX, USA
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