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The Closet (4)

Kelly McDaniel, Ohio, USA
June 1998

It was about nine or ten years ago when it happened. It was a cool fall weekend when the children and I decided to go home to visit my Family in Cincinnati. Actually the outskirts,a place called Hamilton Ohio. Where I oftened visited from time to time. My Brother and I kept in good contact, and was telling me about this new apartment he had moved into. Joe has a heck of an imagination so when he told me his place had spirits I laughed at him silently, but told Joe I believed him anyhow. All the while I kept asking myself Do you believe in ghosts Kelly? I think I did but never had that type of experience.

We arrived Friday evening and my Brother and his Wife and new Daughter were waiting on us. We drank coffee the rest of the evening and talked about his experiences. His newborn baby would be lying on his bed and when they went to check on her pillows were put over the baby. On several occasions, in the same room the baby would be moved in the room. On another occasion her face was covered with blankets. In the livingroom the closet door opened when no one had opened it. After all the ghost stories that night we all went to bed. The next morning everyone was in the kitchen waiting for breakfast and I was in the livingroom folding up our bed linen, I had my back to the closet door when I heard the door creek open!! I literally froze where I stood turning around slowly till my eyes met the door I saw the door standing wide open and nothing was there but I felt very cold I couldn't speak for what seemed forever I was thinking what to do , the only thing I could think to do was to talk to it. I said; If you have enough guts show yourself! A blast of air hit my face and the door swung open wider, and slammed shut. I ran as fast as I could to the kitchen And told them what had happened. The following week my brother moved. We did some checking up on this old two story house and come to find out it was in a flood back in nineteen twenties, and an old man and woman had drowned in the closet upstairs.

Kelly McDaniel, Ohio, USA
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