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The Comforting Touch

Elizabeth, PA, USA
May 2006

When I was about five years old, we moved into an apartment. Throughout the years, I had began to notice some off the wall stuff happening, like in the Summer, I would hear someone calling my name. They would yell "Beth", repeatedly. I would run to the window to see if anyone was out there, but there would be no one around. I would ask my mom, and she would laugh at me, thinking that I am hearing things. I would go around to the rest of my family, too, but they would be asleep.

Another couple of times, I would see silhouettes walk in my room, but my door would be closed, and there was no sounds of the door opening or seeing the door open.

The Summer before the last Summer I spent there, I started dating this guy. After we got together, he enlisted in the Army, so he got stationed in California. I was very faithful to him, and I thought, and expected the same.

Well, one night, I decided to give him a call. His room mate answered and asked who was calling. Instead of me giving my name, I said "his girlfriend". Well, that's when I was called another girl's name and said that he was out for the evening. This broke my heart, and after I got off the phone, I started to cry. It was a very strong cry too. I couldn't sleep because I was so upset. Well a couple of hours went on of crying and no sleep, when the comforting touch helped me. I felt myself levitate as if I was being cradled, and then I felt a soft gentle rocking motion. I also felt whatever it was brush my hair softly back, like someone's fingertips, or what a mother would do to soothe her child. It was really odd, because my eyes were open the whole time, and I didn't see anyone or anything especially out of the ordinary. Shortly after, I felt so relaxed and calm, and I slept so peacefully. The next morning, I woke up, and I felt so refreshed, and so clear headed. It's only happened once since then, and whatever it may be, I'm thankful for if.

Elizabeth, PA, USA
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