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The Comfy Ghost

Ohio, USA
September 1998

Ihave always believed my guardian angel (if you believe in angels) was my grandfather's dad. Now I never met the guy, but from what I have heard of him (and imagined) he was pretty awesome. Anyway, that's no reason to be a guardian angel. Here's why I think he is: He was born on the same day as me.

There's always been a comforting feeling when I was younger around me, like when I play the piano I feel a hand on my shoulder, a comforting, hand, one that shows approval, and says, "Hey, I like what you're doing." Times when I have experienced other feelings in different places, (meaning not at my piano) aren't as close to me. I have had a loving look from behind me, watching me, seeing what I do and liking it. The thing is, this angel only comes around when I am truly happy, not when I am only semi - happy or sad. I must be truly contented. but that only happened when I was younger.

As I got older, I started to realize this angel was coming around more often. And this time it would be comforting also, but not in a very fun way. He wasn't gross like some ghosts, like watching me when I was in the shower or something, always when I was fully dressed (meaning not in my bikini or swimsuit, or other clothes showing skin) and usually when I was intently doing or thinking about something. I still get the feeling of the angel watching over my shoulder, though. When I intently am into something, like say reading a good book, and the girl falls and sprains her ankle, I would find my ankle feeling a little weird and someone rubbing it. Now my angel is very loving, and when I moved my foot, he knew I didn't want him there and he left. Other times is when I can't fall asleep and I am making myself comfortable, I feel particularly comfortable in a certain spot and slightly different than I usually do. I shake myself in that spot and the feeling goes. I am used to that feeling now, and sometimes I feel rather good. it is always on my arms, legs, chest,feet, or head. but my angel always knows when I want him to leave me alone, because I shake myself. But still, I thought you might want to hear my story, because I think it is nice my Angel knows who I am, and I really think he likes having me happy, and I like the feeling that I know someone cares.

Ohio, USA
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