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The Constant Knocking

Rik, FL, USA
September 2003

Well my family tends to move around alot. Approximately every year or so. Well it just so happens that we moved from Michigan down to sunny Florida after spending fourteen years of my life in that state. As it is we moved into a just built house, so there would be no explanation as to what this is from, but in my strange case I have been haunted all my life and ghosts more or less tend to follow wherever I shall go.

This particular experience is one that happened my second year in the new house and I was sixteen years old. Nothing strange had ever happened to me since the move, but prior to this experience I had started to hear voices when no one was in the house other then myself.

I remember this being one of the days I had come home from school and I decided that I would rest for a little bit before doing my homework. As I laid down I faced the closet door which I leave open. I had heard a strange knocking noise as if someone had been knocking on a door. I of course attributed it to one of my siblings outside in the garage which was next to my room or my own imagination. I pushed it aside and went to sleep.

However the knocking would continue that night and the nights to follow. During this I would often wake up to find myself sitting and mediating, as I am not one to mediate I found it extremely odd. By this time the knocking had been occurring every other day. I had told my father on one night when I could not sleep and he had kindly got up to see what it was. He could find nothing and being a new house it couldn't be that there were rats in the walls. Something in the garage perhaps...but then that rationalization quickly fled my mind.

This one night it had been exceedingly bad. The knocking was happening every fifteen minutes apart and I found that maybe if I stayed up long enough it would go away. I got on my computer and proceeded to tell my friend about the knocking and she had decided that maybe if I call her she could hear it for herself. I went and got the phone. However when I returned to get her phone number the knocking became worse. Thinking about this now I can still hear how vivid and loud it was. The knocking was now coming from everything in my room. The window, the dresser, the door, the desk, the headstand, the wall, the bed...and it was loud and I crouched down into a little ball at the end of my bed trying to drown it out when I got the sudden feeling to get the hell out of the room. I did.

I ran to the only other room closest to my bedroom, the bathroom. Now our bathroom was one were there's also a seperate room for the toilet and bath. I ran in there, shut the door and no sooner had I taken a seat on the toilet that something literally slammed into the door. Out of reflex I slammed my hand up against the door to prevent it from coming in.

The next morning I had told my family what happened, and I had vowed that I would not sleep in that room again and demanded to be moved. I had switched rooms with my brother by the end of the day. He never complained of the knocking and the experience never happened again after that.

I am quite used to supernatural things occurring to me, but this one has frightened me that I am afraid to be alone in a house for fear of the knocking...and what exactly was the thing that chased after me... ..I am not sure I want to find out.

Rik, FL, USA
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