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The Creature In The Rain

August 2007

At last! I have a story to submit to this site, which is my very favorite ghost story site on the net! I have read every single story listed in each year, and I never get tired of reading them over and over!
I have never had an experience of my own, but the other day I was at a friends house and her 78 year old mother related one to me and of course, I ran to post it right away!

I am 40 years old and have resided in Georgia all my life, mostly in rural areas. I have heard many tales of haunted houses in Georgia, also known as "haints" in the South.
I was having a conversation with a sharp-witted 78 year young Mother of my friend the other day, and the discussion led to ghosts and such. She told me that about 26 years ago, in Douglas County, Georgia, she had an experience that she can never forget.

It occurred on Lower River Road. If anyone is familiar with Lower River Road that many years ago, you will remember that at that time, Douglasville was a very rural area, long before the mall and shops and long before Lower River was even paved all the way.

She had been at the hospital in Lithia Springs (Parkway Regional, which is no longer existing) to visit her daughter and her new grandson. She was returning to her other daughters home driving a big old buick. It was lightly raining outside, and had just gotten dark outside. At the time, the road had no street lights, and the woods surrounded the road on both sides. Very few homes were on the road at the time and it was all Ms. Becky could do to see.

Her wipers were going, and she had both hands gripped on the steering wheel, her face as close to the windshield as she could, in order to see the road. She noticed up ahead, a mailbox near the road and what appeared to be someone or some animal sitting on top of it. (I am sure Ms. Becky was driving slow even back then.)

As she neared the mailbox, she wondered to herself "Who or what in the world would be sitting on a mailbox out here in the dark, in the rain?" And as she got right up next to the mailbox, she saw that it was a "little creature" (as she called it). It was only about 2-3 feet high, it was gray, and it was all wrinkled. She said it was wearing a big hat, like an old fedora hat. It also was wearing like a long sleeved, long nightgown looking thing, kind of like what newborns wear, the long gowns that go all the way down. She noticed it didn't have legs or feet that she could see.

When she got right next to it, and remember, her face was as close to her windshield as she could get it, the "creature" jumped right onto her car, and pressed it's face right against the windshield where her face was! She said "it was just a grinning!"

It scared Ms. Becky to death, she screamed and jerked back, and threw her hands up into the air and covered her face. Her car lurched to the opposite side of the road and luckily, it was flat, so she didn't wreck.

She said a few seconds had passed, she gathered her wits and grabbed the steering wheel and pulled her car back onto the road and continued to drive.

Upon pressing her for more details, she told me she never looked back to see if the creature was still there, or where it had gone. It wasn't on the windshield any longer, that was for sure! She said it had rotted teeth that were horrible. Ms. Becky always thought that it was some kind of omen about her daughter that was in the hospital, or the new baby, but nothing ever happened to either of them.

I told Ms. Becky that I had read similar stories just like hers on this site, with a creature that is wrinkled, and with a horrible grin. She wonders if it tried to make her have an accident, or scare her. I told her that I haven't ever seen anything like this, even though I grew up in Douglasville when it was rural.

Well, that's my story! I wonder, as many as I have read on the net, what in the world these little troll like creatures are and why they seem to mostly scare the humans that see them?

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