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The Cross On The Side of The Road

A. Chavez, New Mexico, USA
June 2006

I actually have two stories to share.
The first one is about an experience that my dad had when he was about 15. The second one is about what happened when my grandpa died. But first, let my give you a little background information on my dad and the first story.

When my dad was a kid, he was raised by his great aunt and uncle on a ranch on Mt. Taylor in New Mexico. On the ranch, his mom,dad, and sisters lived there and they owned lots but were nowhere close to being rich.
My Uncle lives next door to us now and is turning 91 and still going strong, he has a field, two sheep and his own garden. Now to the story.
When my dad was 15, he and my uncle were driving in his truck on a secluded road heading to the ranch. It was winter and snowing really hard so all they saw was white around the truck. As my dad was looking out the window he saw a man walking on the side of the road. As soon as the truck caught up with the man, the man started walking with it. It's sort of indescribable, but even though the man was walking, he was right next to the truck and it was going 65 mph. My dad said that it was almost like slow motion. The man was walking right next to his window and suddenly turned to my dad and grinned at him. My dad was pretty freaked out and turned to my uncle and asked him if he saw that, my uncle said no and quickly shrugged it off. When my dad turned back to the man, they had passed him and he couldn't see him anymore.
When they got back to the ranch, my dad told my uncle what he saw and my uncle told him that a drunk man had wandered along that road and frozen to death. When they drove back through the road, my dad saw a faded wooden cross on the side of the road on the same place he saw the ghost.
Now to the second story. This story is about my grandpa and it is more touching than scary.
My Grandpa owned a restaurant for as long as I can remember. He was over weight, smoked a whole lot, and ate lots of sugar. But he was very special to me.
When I was little I used to put clips in what little hair he had:) while he slept on his "special" chair. We also used to sneak candy while my grandma and mom weren't looking.
One day at the restaurant, my grandpa was talking to someone when he suddenly fell to the floor with a heart attack the waitress started yelling "VCR!!" "VCR!!":) instead of CPR. He was rushed to the hospital immediately and was in a coma. I was at a camp for school, so my parents had to tell me when I got back. He finally woke up a week later and we found out that he had diabetes. He died in Sept. 2004. It completely devastated the whole family. There are still people who come to the restaurant and ask for him. My Grandma told me that on the night after he died, she was crying herself to sleep and she suddenly felt someone sit on the bed next to her and stroke her hair, then she herd his voice say "Don't cry Josie, I'll always be with you. . ."

A. Chavez, New Mexico, USA
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