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The Crucifix

March 2006

Greetings. I have been a frequent reader of for the past two years and I just wanted to share an experience I had back when I was still in second year high school. It's not really a ghost story per se but I can guarantee all of you that it has something to do with the supernatural.

One afternoon inside our classroom while my classmates and I were waiting for our next instructor, we heard some shouting and screaming in a nearby classroom. I and a few others decided to check out what the commotion was all about and when we got there, we were surprised to see the pandemonium that was happening. Some students were crying, others were shouting, quite a few were praying and the rest were just in a state of shock. We tried to ask some of the students what was happening and what were they afraid of. Someone answered, by pointing a finger, to look at the crucifix at the wall just above the blackboard in front of us. Instinctively, we all looked at the familiar spot where the crucifix would have been since every classroom in our school has one at the exact same place. At first none of us were quite sure what was wrong with the crucifix until one of my classmates noticed something a bit odd: One of Jesus's arms was bending down. This sent chills up my spine and had the hair on the back of my head standing because I can assure everyone?That is impossible. The crucifix is made up of hard, solid wood and none of the parts of the crucifix is movable and the only way to move or bend Jesus's arm like that would mean breaking it and attaching it back on. And now all of us were in shock. Then an instructor came in asked what was happening and upon learning about it hurriedly went down to call a nun (My school is a private school which is managed by nuns and their dormitory is just at the back of our school). After awhile the nuns came in (with the Mother Superior mind you) and they took the crucifix from the wall, circled around it and prayed for about 10-15 minutes or so. Then they put it back on the wall and lo and behold Jesus's arm was back to where it should be in the first place and they told everyone that classes are suspended for the rest of the afternoon and we can all go home early and come back to classes tomorrow. After that incident, I don't believe I've ever heard anyone in school mention it for the rest of my stay there.

Well that's my story. Thanks for your time everyone.

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