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The Crying Girl

Kate, MD, USA
January 2003

Hello. This story won't be every long, even thought it just happened a few minutes ago.

I'm 14 and use to being home alone while my mom works, then picks up my little sister, Toni (not her actual name). I had just seen my mom leave for work before going into the basement, where our 2 computers are kept. I had just sat down. I was working on some homework in the silence, which wasn't normal for me, because most of the time I can't stand working without some noise.

I had just turn to the computer to type something up when I heard crying. It sounded JUST like my little sister, who has a certain weep. I was very confused. I knew Toni was still at school. It was only 3:17 (her school ends at 3:30). Thinking the time on the computer was wrong, I went upstairs, thinking Toni had a fight with my mom or had a really bad day. "Toni?" I yelled. Nothing. I searched the whole house, calling to my mom or sister. Still nothing.

A little shaken, I went back downstairs. As Soon as I sat down, the crying began again. I ran upstairs, yelling at my sister for not telling me she was home. Still nothing. I searched the room which was right above me (where the crying came from) and realized my 25 gallon fish tank and stand was there. There was no where anyone could hide or even stand that would have had the same sound.

About a half an hour later, my mom and sister came home. I asked if she had come home around 3:17, but she said she was at school the whole time. The only thing is, if no one else was in the house but me, who was the little girl crying?

Thanks for reading my story.

Kate, MD, USA
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