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The Cup

Jennifer, Texas, USA
May 1999

This is a true story. It happened about three years ago, when I was still attending college and living at home with my parents. It's possible that there is more than one explanation for this event.

My father was working the night shift. So after 10 p.m. it was just me, my mother, and our two cats. My mother and I were in our bedrooms. We were still wide awake with the lights on, reading in our beds. It was very quiet in the house. Then all of a sudden I heard something fall or crash out in the kitchen. I was startled at first, but I figured it was just the cats playing out in the kitchen. However, I felt compelled to go see what the noise was about. I walked out into the hallway and asked my mom if she had heard the same noise I had heard. She said she had. I laughed and said,"Oh, it's probably just the cats." She said,"No, both cats have been back here in bed with me the whole time." Both my mom and I were curious as to what that noise had been. We both walked to the doorway of the kitchen and turned on the light.

To our astonishment, there was a plastic cup laying sideways about 5 ft away from the dish drainer on the kitchen counter! I asked my mom if she had put the cup securely on the dish drainer rung when she did the dishes that night. She said she had.

If the cup was indeed attached to the rung, how in the world did it come off? Maybe it was the air conditioner, but I doubt it. Or perhaps it wasn't on as secure as we thought. But even if it fell off from not being on very secure, something would have had to push it off. Or perhaps it fell off, hit the counter and rolled 5ft away.

I can tell you this: I have always felt like something was watching me in that corner of the kitchen. I have always felt that whatever this presence was, it wanted to get me.

You can come up with your own explanation for this, but I believe that something from "the other side" had a lot to do with that cup falling off. Thank letting me share this story with you.

Jennifer, Texas, USA
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