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The Dark Man

Nicolas Bryant, MI, USA
September 2009

Now some of you may think I'm crazy (I'm starting to think I'm crazy), but I just have to get this off my chest. So the story starts out as when I was a kid as far back as I could remember I saw a so-to-speak Dark Man.

It was when I believe I was 7 and me and my sister were eating White Castles that our mom and dad brought home, when all of a sudden I saw a dark figure in our hallway. It stood there and looked at me for about a minute and then went into our living room. I said to my sister "I think there's a burglar in the house", and we went to check it out. Well there was nothing but I was sure I saw something.

About a few months to a year later (I can't totally remember how long a time frame went by), I was seeing this dark figure but just kinda blew it off. I thought it was my imagination playing tricks on me, until one day me and my sister went out into the living room where we saw a dark figure of a man sitting on our couch, get up and walk out. My sister saw it too (but not as clear as me, she saw more of a dark figure more of a misty figure so-to-speak) so I decided to tell mom and dad. I don't know to this day if they believe me but I just had to tell them.

Over the next few years I kept seeing him but just kinda blocked it out because it was so natural to me (it kinda grew on me). Nothing very exciting to talk about but just a few times did he ever try to get close to me. But now it's gotten a little more than just him standing in the back.

Now let's see were to begin, I guess I'll just start off with the dreams. Usually my dreams are weird I do have to admit but I've never seen the dark man in them, he just kinda started to show up in my dreams more and more often, but always in the background of the dream never close to me.

One dream was very odd, it started as any other dream with a lot of weird things happening then everything went black. I found myself in a well lit room very bright and shiny with a lot of other rooms connecting to the one I was in. I started to look around because this didn't feel like my dream any more it felt like something else.

While I was looking around the dark man appeared in front of me just a few feet away enough so that I could touch him (I didn't of course), it appeared as though he was trying to tell me something but I couldn't make it out at all and then I woke up. Just a few days later I was at another house trying to sleep on the couch, when I turned around I saw the Dark Man standing in front of the fridge in the kitchen.

Now the room I was in was a living room with the kitchen inside with no actual walls around it. Anyway I saw the Dark Man just look at me, though I can't see any eyes or mouth or anything except a dark figure I just knew he was looking at me. He slowly took two steps forward and then straight out the door without even opening it. All I did was turn back around and slowly say to myself, "There's nothing there at all," over and over again.

Now don't get me wrong I don't fear him it's just that I've never seen him that close to me besides my dream. Truth be told is that I really don't fear him, I actually kinda feel calm when I'm looking at him, it's like when you look up at a clear sky with all the stars and it's just serenity (I think that's the right way to put it). I've asked my mom, dad, and sister if they ever see it sometimes (not anymore of course) but it always seems to vanish before they get a chance to look at it. I want to go to a paranormal expert or someone, but not to get rid of it, just to know why it hangs around me. Well that is all to my story, for now anyway.

Nicolas Bryant, MI, USA
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