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The Dark One

William D. Womack, Oklahoma, USA
March 2000

Ibelieve I was 9 years old when I saw my first real ghost, but I never thought it would be the most frightening thing I would have ever seen.

I live out in the woods in Oklahoma on the outside of a very small town, and I was on my way home from school on a nice spring day. Now my mother and father were outside burning leaves from the Fall to clear up the yard. I did as I always did and went in grabbed a snack and sat down to watch cartoons, but this day would be different from any other.

I was sitting there in front of the TV when I felt that I needed to go and tell my mom and dad something. As I got up and walked down the hall for some strange reason I thought that they might be in my room. I remember as I turned to go into my room I froze in in complete terror of what I saw at the foot of my bed. I remember seeing this figure that was about 6 ft tall and completely black; like looking at a shadow. He had these blood red like eyes that seemed to freeze at where I stood. Now I remember it looking at me and turning to my closet leaving in a blurry like flash. At that moment I ran outside in fear yelling to my mom and dad. They didn't believe but I knew what I saw was real.

It wasn't until my mom and dad split up that my dad confessed to me that he believed me. Only then 10 years later did I see that spirit or whatever it was again, and felt the fear I once felt. Yet again everything has calmed down I just hope I never have to see it again.

William D. Womack, Oklahoma, USA
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