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The Dark Ones

Rick, TX, USA
September 2001

I will swear by these on my death bed and to this day they haunt me...

I'm not the best writer, I guess I don't write many stories, what your about to hear is no story. Its plain fact. Something I witnessed as a child while growing up. There is a lot to these stories. I guess the whole reason I never tell them is I'm afraid of them coming back. Coming back to watch me. To torment me. To do whatever it is they do.

Early in my childhood, I'm not sure what age, must be around 7, I woke one night in a darkened room with only a faint bit of moonlight creeping in from the curtain covered window. I heard a strong clicking noise coming from behind me towards my sister, whom slept on a twin bed next to me. "" I rolled over on my side to glance behind me, and what I gazed upon I will never forget. A tall black image frozen in my mind, burned there for all eternity. There before me stood a 5 to 6 foot tall figure darker then the night. Pressing the different speeds on the revolving fan in between me and my sister.

See we were so poor at the time we only had one fan. Out of me and my sisters bickering my parents placed it between us and set it on revolve. The Figure seemed to have its head cocked looking at me or towards me in some way. Me being so young I didn't really comprehend the fear an adult would have. For some reason I thought dad was in my room setting the fan. Now why on earth would this happen? Well it wouldn't, but me being 7 years old I didn't know any better. I rolled over without saying a word. Half in terror and half praying it was dad

. The next morning I had asked my mother whether dad had been in our room in the middle of the night. I never told her what I saw just said I heard a noise. She said she was awake reading most of the night and could not sleep. She said he had not. I was terrified.

Well time moved on and as you know, children things seem to slip away. Or at least growing up you lose part of those childhood memories.

We moved from that house which was in Mckinney Texas to a house in Galveston Texas. Dad was in the oil field at the time, some kind of off shore rig and we needed the money. We moved into an old house probably the oldest house I've ever lived in.

I swear to this day I will sleep in the streets before I move into an old house used many times by other people.

I guess I was 8 at the time. My sister and I slept in the hallway during the winter next to some sort of gas heater. We were very poor during my childhood but were in a way happy to have what we had.

It was about 1 am or past and I still could not sleep. Sometimes my sister and I would stay awake long into the night with our imagination going and speak of days to come. Dreaming, I guess as all kids do, I rolled over to get more comfortable. I rolled towards my parents bedroom just next to us which the door was open to. I saw shadows on the wall illuminated by the fire from the heater. They were dancing as they walked behind the door next to me. I was almost scared they would emerge from the crack at the back of the door and leap out to get me. I would have played this off as just imagination and the fire casting shadows had they not been repetitive. They looked exactly like figures of humans. I was stunned and could not move. I sat there for what must have been hours. I also remember being scared that they would speak to me. One of my greatest fears was seeing something like this but even more so, it speak my name aloud.

Anyhow a month passed while we lived in that house.

Summer came so we no longer slept in the hallway. In the room I shared with my sister, we had twin beds. Hers on the other side of the room from mine. She would always sleep facing one way and me the other. We would always talk in the dark until we fell asleep. One night late at night after midnight sometime I saw something I will never forget.

We were speaking of something that happened at school when I glanced beneath her bed and low and behold two green eyes gazed back at me. Laying sideways not as if it was upright but as if it was on its side. Now my sister and I had many many old dolls and toys, some quite big. I asked my sister, who was still awake, did she leave a doll under the bed? My parents always made us put our toys up in the closet before bed. She said "no". I said "I see two eyes under your bed Chrissie." She said "It must be a doll." All the while I'm staring at her, not under the bed during this conversation.

I glanced back down under her bed and see no eyes. At that moment I figured it was just the moonlight bouncing off the eyes and I was letting my imagination get the best of me.

The next morning I awoke to the smell of eggs and bacon. I looked up and Chrissie was still asleep, I glanced down not sure why, and low and behold, there was no doll under her bed.

A month or so later my sister and I awoke to a scream in the night. It came from our parents room. We jumped up of course and ran in there. We asked what had happened, my mother said she saw a peeping Tom looking through her window. It wasn't till about 8 years later I found out the truth.

She says what she had really seen that night was a dark shadow blacker then the night. She said it had its hands around her neck when she awoke. She screamed and my dad woke and it left. Now if you know what I know this isn't your classic sleep disorder. She could clearly scream and move.

My mother and father are divorced and he swears to this day that they did not tell us the truth so we would not be frightened. And he states that is what she told him that night.

I get chills just submitting this and I'm also getting scared they will come back. Come back to finish the job, come back for whatever it is they do...

Rick, TX, USA
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