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The Dark Shadow/The Room That Wasn't There

Mike, FL, USA
August 2003

Okay, my name is Mike, and I'm only 13 years old, and I can sit here tonight and tell you everything and anything I want to, tell you that I saw this and that, but you have no way of believing me, and I have no way of proving it to you. So just hear me out, okay?

My friend and I walked down the street at about 9:00pm one night, when we heard this weird music being played in this house that was always said to be haunted. The people before him, the ones that lived there last even said it was haunted, and so they moved. So my friend and I listened to this wierd wordless music, that repeated the same "boombs and bobs" over and over again. I then saw things in the corner of my eyes; what looked like a black cat walking, what looked like trees moved in all different directions, but whenever I looked straight at it, it stopped, or it vanished. We saw the man in the middle of his living room pacing the floor while his music played very loudly. Then it happened, a tall black (darker than night) shadow came walking behind a glass hall, it stuck its head out, and stepped out of the hall. It had many long arms, and instead of hands and fingers it had claw looking things, and all of its arms were shaking madly up and down. It was scary yes, but yet funny, the way it was shaking its many arms. Then it stepped back down the hall and out of sight, leaving us staring now at the man who was still pacing the floor.

We saw there were many candles in the room, as the music still played. Ten minutes later, the dark shadow stepped back out, arms still shaking. It was now that my friend pointed out that there was a room in the back of the house that had a body wearing white clothes hanging on the door. Though to me it looked like a poster of a man, but he seemed to think it real. Then we stared at the shaking arm shadow, who now walked out into the living room, and into the room with the poster/man hanging on the wall. And this is were it gets confusing, it seemed to happen all at once, and I'm sorry to say I cant explain it better, for I myself don't know exactly what happened.

The shadow walked into the room, at the same time something walked out of it, and I couldn't tell what, and yet there seemed to be something else in the room that just vanished. Then the dark shadow walked over to the poster, and I guess either it pulled it out of the poster, or my friend was right, because next thing I know, the dark shadow is pulling a white clothed body off the wall and heaved it (struggling slightly) down the hall, where it stayed for the rest of the night. During this whole time the man paced the floor, where the candles and music was.

The next day my friend and I looked from the street (were we were standing the night before) into the house where the room that the dark shadow went in was now gone and replaced by (what I now realize was always there) a sliding glass door. And the glass hall was no longer made out of glass, but just normal wall.....

Mike, FL, USA
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