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The Dark Watcher

Luisa P, Texas, USA
December 2000

Well my family and I have never had anything supernatural happen to us so as you will see why these events really freaked us out.

First, let me explain my room. I share a room with my cousin because our room is very large. The foot of my cousins bed faces toward me(our beds make the shape of an "L").This particular night she sleep downstairs with my little brother.

I had decided to go to bed early( around 9:30) and I had just fallen asleep when I felt the urge to get up. I tried my best to get up but I couldn't. My body felt totally paralysed, but I got control of my body some how but couldn't open my eyes. I tried to pry them open with my open but I couldn't.I know I wasn't asleep because I scratched my eye with my nails and I woke up with it the next day.

I finally opened my eyes and looked over to my cousin's bed and saw a dark man sitting on her bed this totally freaked me out because the any man in my house at the time was my dad and he was asleep downstairs. The distinctive shape of a well built man frighten me terribly. I was so afraid I ran out of my room never looking back. I even went to sleep with my little brother( like he could really protected me).

The next day I told my mom and she too said she felt the presence of something in the house. She told me that once when she was cleaning the guest bathroom downstairs that she felt someone pass behind down the hall towards her room. Thinking it was my 3-year-old brother,Mikey, up from his afternoon nap, she called him but he never answered back. She went to check on him and he was still sound asleep. And she says she has seen it many times going from the living room to the hall.

The latest event happened last month, Mikey was down stairs using the bathroom while I was taking a shower upstairs. He was alone because for a 3-year-old he is a brave kid and in his words,"me not scared". As soon as I got out of the shower, Mikey ran upstairs crying. When we asked him he said,(in his words)"Me was using the bathroom and some black man told me bedtime but nobody downstairs no more." He was so terrified, imagine a small child seeing a strange man in his house and then having it disappear in front of him. Needless to say we didn't go downstairs until the next morning.

Luisa P, Texas, USA
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