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The Death Room

Liam Mclachlan, Devon, UK
May 2006

I live in Devon, England. One year we were on holiday in Glencoe, Scotland. At first it was just going to be an enjoyable, relaxing holiday, but it was far from it!
My two brothers, my mum, my step dad and I were all driving through Glencoe. It was cold, wet and foggy (as it always is in Scotland haha), but it was really creepy... we were all getting restless, and we wanted somewhere interesting to stop.
You know, have a look-see.
Things were looking bleak, and we thought we might just have to retreat back to our tent.
Mal (my step dad) turned the the corner, and said "hey look at that!" it was an old house at the side of the road, it was sort of hidden in all of the trees and it looked weird to say the least. It had, at some point been painted white, but the paint was peeling off. None of the windows were there any more, and the whole place was green from moss.

We were all sort of interested (or bored, depending on which way you look at it), so we pulled up, go out, and started towards the door. The smell of must and rotting wood was strong before we even got into the house. There was a plaque on the door, it said that it used to be a hospital and that the third room was a death room. It said more, but was un-readable for the moss.

Upon entry, there was a weird feeling, like I was being watched. My mum and step dad looked around until they saw a window that did have glass in it. Upon seeing that there was a back garden and so they went out to explore.
Myself and Ross (my brother) decided to look for room three, because Ross and I always liked the paranormal. Meanwhile Connor, my other brother, went to look around upstairs.

We found the death room...oh yes...we found it all right! Upon entry, there was a horrible stench, like rotting flesh and there were no floorboards either, just wooden beams. We balanced across, there was nothing really very interesting, but the smell was making our eyes water it was so bad. All of a sudden we heard Connor screaming and running down the stairs. We tried to catch up to him but he ran out of the front door and jumped into the car. We knocked on the window, he was white as a sheet.

Later on, when he finally talked to us, he said that he thought he heard a voice singing his name with a low-tone frequency. Ross and I left him to his own accord. We walked into the room that Connor was in, and it was horrible, dark and dank with no windows and it had a large hole in the roof through which we could see the attic.
"Spooky" Ross said and at that moment we heard footsteps sprinting down the hallway and down the stairs then into the death room. When we went back down there, the smell of death had disappeared and the atmosphere of a presence had thickened. We got my mum and step-dad and ran!
That was the scariest time of my life!

Liam Mclachlan, Devon, UK
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