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The Desk

S.K., Canada
September 1997

Ihave never actually experienced anything paranormal myself but one night, when talking to my boyfriend's mother she related her experience to me.

It happened when she and her family had just moved into the house they live in now about 7 years ago. Noella, my boyfriend's mom, loves antique furniture. So when her friend acquired an old desk at an estate auction, Noella was thrilled. Now she'd have a great desk for the kids to use. So she took the desk and put it in her basement with every intention of refinishing it before displaying it upstairs. A couple of weeks went by and Noella was lying down for a nap on the couch upstairs. As she was drifting off, she was looking at the basement door when she saw it open slowly. She was the only one home at the time, so it frightened her. But as she looked at the door with the intention of getting up to close it, she found she couldn't move. Lying paralysed on the sofa, all she could do was watch the door open and close. Finally, able to move, Noella jumped to the door and slammed it shut.

Another time, Noella woke up during the middle of the night because she heard a noise. Her husband was working so she thought it might be one of the kids. Still lying in bed she felt as though someone was sitting on her. Freaking out Noella got up and ran to the kids room. There was nothing in her bedroom and no one in the house. Feeling frightened she ran through possibilities as to what it could have been. The desk came to mind since all the strange occurrences had begun when she got the desk. Noella called her friend to verify if the desk perhaps had belonged to someone who had been murdered or something like that. Her friend told her that the man who had owned it had dabbled in the occult and voodoo, but that he had died of natural causes. Well, Noella thought this was enough to warrant getting rid of the desk. With the help of one of her sons, they dragged the desk upstairs and threw it away. Nothing evil or weird ever happened again. Make what you will of it.

S.K., Canada
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