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The Devil In The Rain

Dan, Virginia, USA
October 2004

I believe in the paranormal but had never really experienced much until the fall of 1989.

I was a senior in High School and had just gotten word that an old house less than a quarter of a mile from my house was the site of a satanic cult. This wasn't broadcast on the news or anything it was just word of mouth. Apparently the old house was located down an old dirt path that was accessible from the main road. The dirt path was located right beside a rail road tressel that went over the main road. I lived on this main road, my parents still live there today. The old house was supposedly once used as a Boy Scout meeting place but had stood abandoned for quite some time. I had heard talk that a few students from my school had gone out there to take a look and found that one of the rooms was splattered in what looked like blood. An old chopping block was in the middle of the room and a noose hung above it from the ceiling rafters. Once the word had gotten out some boys from the football team went out there and literally trashed the house!

A friend and I decided to go look for ourselves even though it had been vandalized. Sure enough, what was left of the walls looked to have a red substance on it. I still think to this day it was paint but who knows? The chopping block was gone but the image of a square was in the wooden floor where it looked like it might have previously stood. My friend and I laughed it all off and forgot about the whole thing. It was months later that the old house and it's strange history would reappear....literally before my eyes!

One Fall night I was driving home. It was late, around 11.00pm. It was raining and I was driving east on the main road in which I lived. I got to the train tressel. I slowed down because it always seemed to flood under that tressel and I didn't want to lose control of my car. As I slowed, I looked to my right where the old path leading to the old house was. To my astonishment I saw a figure standing beside the old mailbox that sat at the edge of the path. It was the eeriest thing I had ever seen.

A small man, no taller than the mailbox. A sinister face with a pointy black beard. He seemed to be glaring at me from the darkness. Even though it was very dark I could see his piercing eyes. Then I saw a strange red glow around his face. It was the glow from a cigarette. He brought the cigarette to his lips and took a drag. This is when I put my foot to the floor and hauled butt through the train tressel! I quickly got home and thought about what had happened. Maybe it was true. Maybe the devil himself had some claim to that old house, or what was left of it. I never told anyone of my experience.

It was about a year later that the old house would come back to haunt me yet again! Some friends and I were hanging out on an old dirt road....there were plenty around the town!...we started telling ghost stories and I decided to tell the story of the old house, minus my personal experience. One of my friends then decided to tell a story concerning the house.

One night he was driving east on the main road. It was around 11:00pm and it was raining. When he got to his part of the story where he said he looked at the path beside the train tressel, I couldn't help but finish his sentence. When I said, "and you saw a little man standing beside the mailbox smoking a cigarette", his mouth fell open and we all stood there in silence. It was the most eeriest thing next to having seen the "devil man" by the path. Our descriptions of the little man matched exactly. It was one of those moments that make your hair stand on the back of your neck!

It was shortly after that little gathering that we heard news that the old house had been torn down. I still pass under that train tressel almost everyday. I never saw the little man again though and I never came across anyone else that saw him. Maybe since the house was torn down he went on to haunt somewhere else.....I may never know.....and Im not sure I ever will want to know.

Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoy telling the story of my one account with the unexplained.

Dan, Virginia, USA
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