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The Diner

Stasis, UK
August 2003

The story I'm about to tell you might surprise you.

I walked down the path leading to my car, my children either side of me. We had planned to have dinner somewhere nice for my wife's birthday. We got in the car and set off. My kids; Becky and Scott were singing and my wife was asleep. I was tired from the party we had the day before, my eyes were getting weak so I decided to pull over.

On the other side of the road was a 60s Diner. As we were running low on fuel and everyone was getting tired I decided to have dinner there.

I woke up my wife and told the kids to get out. When we were inside we were shocked that only a couple of weird dressed people were there. We sat down and began to order.

It was a no smoking place so I decided to go for a smoke out back. When I got there I realised I was outside a courtyard. Just then, a man in a leather waistcoat walked up to me. I said "hello" and that was that. When I got inside I asked the waitress why there was a courtyard outside. She said "yeah we didn't have enough money to buy land so they dumped us here."

One month later I discovered to my amazement that there was a courtyard there over 40 years ago and its a cracker factory now.

What happened?

Stasis, UK
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