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The Disappearing Intruder

Tanner, Alberta, Canada
March 2005

First of all I’d like to start by saying these kinds of experiences don’t often happen to me. I can’t really say I was a believer of the paranormal until this happened around the beginning of December 2004.

The first night I saw the intruder, I had gone to bed about eleven or so and had been sleeping for about a couple of hours. I woke up from my dog growling, who was sitting at the end of my bed. Then I felt like I was being watched, like someone was standing beside my bed, as I opened my eyes I could see that someone was standing in the middle of my bedroom in the direction my dog was looking. Thinking someone had broken in, I quickly jumped out of bed and came face to face with a guy. He had spiky black hair, with a bony looking face, but I noticed he was very skinny and pale. He was wearing a black leather jacket with black pants. He was a little bit shorter than me. One thing I do remember was he looked very solid and human like, so naturally I assumed he had broken into my house and I was shocked to see someone there in my room. We stared at each other for about 15 seconds. There was no emotion in his face. I was a bit in shock so at first I didn’t say anything to him, when I finally snapped to reality and was about to ask him what the hell he was doing in my room, I swear the guy just vanished right before my eyes. I couldn’t believe it, my mouth dropped open and I just shook my head.

The next thing I remember is opening my eyes and I was laying back down in my bed. I do remember thinking that it was very cold in my room, so cold that I should be able to see my breath, but don’t know if I actually could because it was still dark in there. I shivered and thought it must have been a dream. The whole time thinking, but it felt so real. I couldn’t shake the feeling though that it had happened, so I did get up to investigate my house to see if anyone had broken in, just in case, the whole time shaking and sweating from fear. I’m a pretty big guy and not much scares me. I was up for about half an hour and couldn’t see anything out of place or that might have been broken into. I somehow found the courage to go back to bed and did sleep until the next morning, which was Saturday morning; I decided it must have been a dream, except I couldn't shake the uneasy feeling it had all happened. I really really hoped it had been a dream.

When Saturday night came I still had the feeling that I might see this guy again. I somehow found a way to fall asleep that night and sure enough I was awoken about 1 or 2 o’clock in the morning by my dog barking at something in the room again. At this time I should mention that the whole day Saturday my dog would not go near my room and especially where his doggy bed sits. That night I had to drag him into the room and he refused to sleep in his bed, which he usually never does. He was pressed up against my legs. I became more alert this time and my whole body tensed, I got the same uneasy feeling in my stomach and when I lifted up my head to see if he was there I saw the guy but this time he was walking into my bedroom’s doorway and disappeared just before he hit the doorway. Thinking again that someone was somehow getting into my house, this time more angry then scared I got up to investigate but found nothing and my front door was still locked, there was no sign that someone had broken in my house, so I went back to bed. The next day when I woke up in the morning, I thought about what happened and something that struck me strange was I had not heard the guy running away, if he had in fact saw me awake and had run away.

The next day, Sunday, by this time I was feeling quite spooked about the whole situation and again I could not shake the uneasy feeling at the pit of my stomach. I was still in the mental frame that I was somehow dreaming this all and just happened to be dreaming about the same guy Friday and Saturday night. It sounded like a better theory than being visited by a ghost. Luckily that night I went over to my girlfriend's house for supper, but around 8:30 p.m. I got that creepy feeling that something was wrong and had the urge I needed to get home as quickly as possible, so I called a cab and went home. When I got there, I could hear my dog barking furiously inside the house, the taxi cab driver even commented on how loud my dog was barking, so I hurried to the door and got inside where I found my dog running around my house, just going crazy, he didn't even notice me at first, but when he did finally notice me he leaped right up into my arms and started licking my face, which he had never done before. I sensed that something was wrong and noticed that my dog wasn’t going near my bedroom, so I went into the bedroom to see if there was anything in there and I had to put my coat away anyway and sure enough I saw the same guy but this time he was actually standing in my room with his back facing me staring out the window. Thinking again that somehow this guy was getting into my house somewhere I planned to first yell to surprise him and then leap at him, this is a technique I had learned in Air Cadets, always attack an enemy by element of surprise. I made a noise and got ready to run and hit him when he turned around but the guy never turned around, instead he just started to fade away. My stomach turned, I had never seen anyone fade away before, the hair on the back of my neck rose. It took the guy about 15 seconds in total to completely disappear, I could start to see through him until he fully disappeared. This really spooked me because I could no longer deny that something supernatural happened. This time I was fully awake and had not been sleeping, I had come straight from my girlfriend’s house. I started to shake I was terrified.

Luckily that was the last time I saw the guy. The weird thing is I had been living in my house for about 9 months prior to this incident. I had never seen the guy before. I never asked the owner of the house about it or if past tenants had had experiences like this one. I was afraid she’d think I was crazy. I have since moved, but for a different reason and never mentioned those three nights to her. I sometimes wonder if the new tenants of that house have experienced anything. I’ll tell you one thing, I hope to never go through something like that again.

Thank you for reading my story.

Tanner, Alberta, Canada
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