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The Divine Help and the Damned Howling

Giselle, Willemstad, Curacao, Netherland Antilles
March 1998

This is something very nice that happened to me. When I was around eleven years old, still living with my parents, two religious young girls from one of those many churches, visited me. She looked very friendly and I knew my parents don't like those people to come around, because they find it a little disturbing to their privacy. The girl talked to me for a while and tried to sell me a book which was named: My book of Biblical stories (in Dutch: Mijn boek met Bijbelse verhalen.) I really liked it but at that age, I didn't have money to buy it, and my parents bought everything for me, but never gave me money to keep for myself. I decided, for not to make the girl feel bad, to tell her to come next week because I don't have money right now. "Bring it next week. I will surely buy it from you." Gosh...I knew that my parents would not give me money to buy that book. I just knew it, but could not tell the girl. Well, it became "Next week". I was wandering up and down the house, trying to figure out a nice way to ask my mom for money. I walked many times towards her trying to open my mouth and ask, but I didn't want to hear the answer. No!! I decided to pray, because I didn't want to give the girl a big draw-back. I lived to far away for that poor girl to come to my house for nothing. I prayed and I prayed. I once again went to my mother, but couldn't speak a word. Finally I was alone in the house and my parents were in the garden. I walked from the gallery into the dining room. Something said to me: Take the money. I automatically raised my face and looked at the dining table. My hand went automatically to a ten guilders bill that was near a bag of fresh bread that had been just bought. The book was five guilders. I paid the book and kept the other five guilders for myself. Till the day of today (I'm 26 years old) nobody claimed for the money. I still have the book and my daughter loves it.

Another strange thing is this one.

When I was three to four years old, my youngest brother ( I had six) died in a car accident. People say that our neighbor who does voodoo, made my brother die.
Okay. One thing I know is that since my brother died, there had been something howling every single night around midnight. I got so scared that I decided to crawl into my older sister's (Sonia) bed. I kept hearing that horrifying thing, and wondered why my sister was so calm. Didn't she hear it?. It went on and on every night. It stopped in everybody's gallery, howled a little and hit the road for the next house. Jees. I was going mad. One day I got out of my bed but didn't go straight to Sonia's. I went to the front door to see if I could see anything. Nothing was to be seen!!! Okay. I went to Sonia's room and crawled under her covers.

Next day, again that stupid howling again. I heard it coming from far away. Outside there was another house which my father rented with my brother and his wife. It had a green light which used to be on the whole night. I kept staring at the light through Sonia's window. Than, as I heard that howling come nearer I turned my head back to see in the room. There it was. A bunch of smoke, forming a round shaped shadow, which I suppose must have been the head. It had two holes, must be the eyes and a crying mouth. Jeeeesus. My head felt like a rising cake left too long in the oven. I thought this would be the end. I could not even scream. I was to scared to scream. I closed my eyes, clinched the bed covers in my hands and when I opened my eyes again the howling was next door and the face was gone. Since then I don't remember hearing it or seeing it again. After many years, when I was around seventeen, I asked my mother if she remembered that howling. She never heard it. I'm not crazy and I never was. If I hear it again now days, I will go to face it and ask him/her what is its problem.

There is one thing I still guess. Why did only I hear it, and why is it that when somebody meets a ghost they can't scream immediately but only right after a while?

Giselle, Willemstad, Curacao, Netherland Antilles
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