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The Dog Still Lingers

Stephen, NY, USA
November 2012

We had our family dog for about 13 years, until June 3rd of this year, when we finally had to put her down at the age of 16, 2 days before my birthday. She was a very happy-go-lucky pooch who would often jump on the door when she wanted to come in, and in her later years, bark at the door. I often said, when she goes, we'll probably still hear her jump on the sliding glass door or bark.

Flash forward to a couple months later. My aunt was over at our house visiting, and she glanced out the window and swore she saw the dog in our backyard. I was a bit surprised, especially when my sister swore she saw the dog at our sliding glass door, waiting to come in. I kind of brushed it off a bit.

It wasn't until one day when I was home alone and I heard a familiar sound coming from the dining room (where the sliding door is). It sounded like the dog's paws clicking on the door when she would jump up. Nothing was there though. I turned to go back to whatever I was doing, and then I heard it again. When I looked, I caught a quick glimpse of her standing at the door, wagging her tail, then she was gone. I haven't seen her anymore, but I believe she is happy wherever she is, and wants us to know it.

Stephen, NY, USA
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