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The Doll, "La Fea"

Margarita, CA, USA
July 2007

This is an actual story that happened to me.

When my family and I went to Mexico, we always stay at my great- grandmothers house. She always had this doll which looked really, really ugly and evil, so my great-grandma named her "La Fea", which in spanish means the ugly.

"La Fea" had dark, black hair, gray eyes, was one of porcelain dolls, which look alive-ish, and had the most ugly face ever, like a mutant. The nose looked like a witch's nose, pointy and long, the eyes were slanted, and the mouth had the most evil smile that has freaked everyone in my family out.

When my great-grandmother died we went to Mexico to the funeral and at the funeral my grandpa laid down "La Fea" on my great-grandma's grave, since "La Fea" was the only doll my great-grandma got as a child. Afterwards, we went to my great-grandpa's house to find out what he would do with the house, he said he would sell it because it brought back so many memories of my great-grandma. Since we were staying at my aunts house, which wasn't far away, my parents told me and my brother to take my little brother home because it was getting late and they were going to talk to my great-grandpa for a while.

Being the only girl in the family my brothers ran away from me and left me alone on the way to my aunts house. I was not scared of walking alone in Mexico and I was taking my sweet time getting to my aunts house. I saw a movement to the right and, of course, turning to see what it was, I got the biggest and most horrifying shock of my life. There leaning against the wall was "La Fea" but this time she wasn't just smiling that evil smile, but she was grinning with her teeth showing, and her teeth were all pointy and sharp. I ran straight to my aunts house screaming at the top of my lungs, and opened the door, still screaming.
My aunt came and asked me what was wrong, I told her what I saw and she looked totally frightened. She said we would have to go back to get the doll and bring it over here, I was all like "Heck no!!". My brothers were there and they had heard what I said and my big brother said that the doll did always give him the creeps. My aunt took my little brother with her to find the doll, so me and my brother were left alone.
My aunt came back in 30 seconds with the doll, which wasn't grinning anymore, she said that it was on the steps to the house. I was totally freaking out because I had seen it one block away, so that must have meant that it was following me.

My parents came back at the time, so my aunt explained what happened and we decided that we would burn it, but that it would have to wait until tomorrow.

I finally went to slept at two o'clock am as I was totally hysterical that I would have to sleep in the same house as the doll. I woke up to what sounded like little footsteps in the bedroom I was sharing with my mother, I slowly opened my eyes, and there peeking her evil head out of a little crack in the bedroom door was "La Fea" looking at me, I tried to scream but nothing came out, so I threw a pillow at the doll, but the door closed before the pillow hit her and I tried to scream again, but nothing came out. So I walked across the room and shook my mother, she took one look at me and knew that something was wrong because I had tears streaming down my face. She took a broom that was leaning against the wall and stepped outside and looked down, got the doll and started hitting "La Fea" on the face, shattering the porcelain face. I don't know if this was my imagination, but I thought I heard the sound of an evil, little girl laughing, which still echo's in my mind to this day.

Needless to say, my mom and I left that very day, about 4 days earlier than usual.

To this day my aunt says that she hears little footsteps around her house and a evil laugh when something bad happens to her, she says she can still remember my horrified face when I raced through her door.

Margarita, CA, USA
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