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The Doll (2)

Stacy, Washington, USA
March 1998

Several years ago (1979 to be exact) my grandmother gave me a life sized doll. My grandmother being a scavenger of sorts had found this doll along the roadside.The doll was in good shape except her dirty blonde hair had been chopped off. Almost immediately after the doll arrived in my home I developed an unexplainable fear of her,so I put her in the closet.That's when I realized that I should be afraid,very afraid. You see I placed her in the closet with her head turned away from me and closed the closet door tight. When I awoke in the morning I saw that the closet door was open about two inches. As I moved in for a closer look fear over took me and I ran from my room. After ten minutes or so I returned to the closet. I decided that I was being silly and opened the door. I was horrified to see that her head was turned toward me. I quickly told my parents what happened, they dismissed it saying that it was my imagination. But it wasn't.

This happened each night for two weeks. Each night I would turn her head and close the door, every morning her head was facing me and the door was open. Needless to say I could not sleep so my parents told me to put her in their closet. The first night she was in there I had a nightmare about her. In my dream I was being pulled into my parents room. I was heading straight for their closet. When I reached the door it opened. There she was looking at me with a cold stare. She then raised her arms toward me.That's when I awoke,and when I did I felt as if I was falling. In fact the falling feeling was reinforced when the bed frame broke that very instant leaving the mattress and myself on the floor. The next morning I went to my parents closet and found the doll with her arms reaching toward me. I promptly grabbed her, took her outside, then I burned her. There has not been a problem since.

Stacy, Washington, USA
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