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The Doll (3)

Melissa, USA
October 2006

This happened a couple of years ago. We moved in into our new house and every thing was perfect; nothing weird actually. Me and my sister fought to have the room downstairs but as always, the big sister always wins. Let me describe downstairs.
You come down the stairs and turn to the left and there is a hallway. To the right is my sister's room. You go straight and to your right is a kind of living room. Straight ahead is the computer room. So in other words, if I wanted to go to the computer room, I had to walk in front of the living room. Anyways when my grandfather died; he gave my sister a doll. That was like 20 years ago. I am now 21. In the other house I never ever saw that doll. But in the new house, my mother had to put the doll in the living room downstairs. It creeped me out so bad. I was always nervous going downstairs, in fact afraid. I always had a bad feeling about that doll but I always thought it was just me. But I knew that it was not only me when friends came over and said they did not like going downstairs, they felt weird.
One particular friend said it was that doll that made them feel like that. He approached the doll and said I understand why you are afraid of the doll, its eyes are demonic.
Anyway's, I would often go to the computer room and get out at night when everything is dark. The moment I open the door from the room, the feeling would be strong and I had to open all the lights to cross the hallway.

For as long as I could remember, I kept having morbid dreams in that house about that doll. Not only was I afraid of it at day time now it was at night time. But one night, when I was about to get off the computer, I wasn't to pleased crossing the hallway at night again. So I opened the door and for the first time, I felt good, actually very good and unafraid. I walk slowly not knowing why, for the first time in 6 years in this house I felt safe. I went upstairs and went to the kitchen. The thing you should know is, in the kitchen there is a door that leads you to the garage and there I can see if the door in the garage is locked. Well when I was going to the kitchen I felt very uneasy. The terror invaded me once again. I could explain it until I opened the light in the garage. There it was, that doll staring at me in the garage. I then understood why I felt OK in the basement.
My mother finally threw the doll away. That is why it was in the garage. Ever since it was in the trash, I for once felt safe in this house and now my friends are not creeped anymore when they come. Is it possible that the doll had bad energy or perhaps something possessed it?

Melissa, USA
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