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The Door (1)

Danielle, New York, USA
October 1999

When I was in third grade, ( umm, I was 9 years old maybe ). My family and I moved into this old house. Now, this was the first time I had ever had my own room, so I was all excited. Everything was good in the house until I opened this little door, the door was there to make the top of the roof accessible. I had always been told not to open that door because the roof wasn't sturdy, but being the "genius" that I am opened the door anyway. Thats when it all started, that very night, I went to bed as I normally had, making sure that the windows were closed and locked, and that my closet door was closed (monsters, I was 9 ).

The next morning I woke up and all the windows in my room were open, the closet door was open and the light in the closet was on. That happened every night until we moved out. After we moved out, my uncle had a group of friends over, to help in the deconstruction of the place. In my room, when the were removing the ceiling, they found the word, "cursed" and a little bit over they found a suicide note in red paint, right above where I slept. Turns out, the kid, Chris, went out the door, atop the garage to kill himself, and the door slammed shut behind him. Now supposedly, he decided not to kill himself and tried to get back inside, but the door was stuck, and he was unable to. He froze to death outside. He still haunts the house to this day.

Danielle, New York, USA
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