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The Door (2)

September 1997

"Iswear it's a true story" ... ah, the familiar desperate cry for an acknowledgement. I used to do this all the time when I first relayed my experiences of the supernatural to my friends. Over time it was pretty much "don't believe, no one's putting a gun to your head". It was a scary experience for me. My story has been told countless times on the local news and in the papers. There's also a book about my experience. My friend, Jason Marshall (ironic how he has the first name as I do) was a very skeptical person. He doesn't believe easily in the supernatural, but one night was all it took to convince him for life.

I've always known something was strange about our front door, it seemed to feel hostile (you say "what?"). Yes, every time I was close to the front door where this door is situated, it gave me an uneasy feeling, I don't know why. A little history of the house is in order I guess. This house was build in the 1920's and has been inhabited by 3 former occupants, all who met untimely deaths. The first occupant, the husband committed suicide while the wife was killed days later in a car crash. The same tragedy struck the second couple, this time it was a young unwed couple that bought the house. Years later, another tragedy struck, this time the wife killed herself and the husband died in an accident. All these events were very strange, because they all seem to be related. The door has always been there, according to my parents, the door came all the way from England, I am not sure if this is true. Our house has a very stylish Victorian look, and from time to time we would receive complements from visitors.

Anyway, enough about the house, let's talk about the events that happened. First, there was the door. I moved into the house 4 months ago and have not found rest since. Often I could swear someone is calling out to me, and seems to come towards the direction of the door. Sometimes I would see apparitions of the door out of the corner of my eye (yes, you heard right) when watching TV, but when I turn around, the figure is gone. This happened to me several times, including the usual haunts of door and wall knockings, ghostly footsteps. But the ones that cause me concern is when the door decides to leave it's hinges (yes, again u heard me right). Sometimes I would come home and find the door gone from it's hinges. Naturally, I would enter the house to call police only to find the door back in it's place when I turned around. There was one time when my parents woke to find the door standing in front of their bed, and collapsed on them. My father was hurt, and as he was being tended by my mother while I called 911, the door on the bed was gone, it was back where it should have been.My friend, Jason, was a witness once to such an event. He stayed by because of the severe fog conditions on Halloween night and strange occurrences started to happen. The door would occasionally knock on it's own, with no one present on the outside. My friend thought it was trick or treaters pranking us, but I knew better. After being extremely freaked by the door's knockings my friend decided we should leave just to be on the safe side. As we approached the door, it was missing again from it's hinges. We looked around and all of a sudden the door came crashing down the stairs. Needless to say, we took off outside. As soon as I turned back to look, the door was back in it's place. That night we also had some poltergeist attacks on the house, so severe that our neighbour and the local authorities came to inquire about the noise. We moved out of the house 4 days ago (Nov 22nd) and never turned our backs.

I don't understand the unusualness of this creepy door, nor do I know what caused it to attack my father, but I do know that the night the door attacked my father was the day my father discussed replacing it.

Ghost comes in all shape and sizes, a door is no exception.

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