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The Doorbell

Christiana, CA, USA
February 2004

I am not very good at telling stories so hopefully you can understand this. Ok so first let me give you some background information.

The house I live in is a very old house and it belongs to my family. It is a duplex My family lives upstairs, my mom,dad,and two very annoying brothers (this is important). My grandparents live below us. So does my uncle, he lives with my grandparents too (also very important).

Well, my grandpa and his brothers were raised and grew up in the upper part. Well when my great grandma passed(my great grandpa died before my grandma, I didn't know him) my grandpas brothers were all very devastated and were blaming each other for her death. Well, after her funeral, we moved in where she lived (upstairs, where we live now) My grandpa and his brothers never spoke again. Eventually my grandpa inherited the house and he lived downstairs. Well, one of his brothers had passed away in one of the upstairs bedrooms (thats a very different story) so he only had one brother left and he lived across the street.

As I wrote earlier they stopped talking after my great grandma passed, and they never talked and I was always forbidden to go across the street and talk or even get to know him! Well, one day, when I was older, he was outside and I went to go see him(no one was home at my grandparents' house) He didn't know me or anything. I had to tell him my name and that I was his niece. Pretty sad huh? Well, my mom started taking us over there to visit him and everything, and him and my mom got very close. They would talk on the phone almost everyday.

Also when I got older I would run across the street and press his doorbell and then take off running. He always knew it was me. Whenever I was happy I would run across the street and press his doorbell to let him know that I was ok. It might sound weird but it was fun too and it made him happy to know that I was happy (also because I was going through really bad depression).

One week he wouldn't answer his phone or anything, no one had seen him for about three days, and finally the landlord went and checked on him. I wasn't there, but if it was enough to get my mom out of a dead sleep in the afternoon, then it must have been bad. What she found was my uncle, he was dead, he was sitting on his usual spot on his couch, sitting up straight, his fists clenched, and his eyes shut tight. It looked like he was in severe pain (I snuck a peek through the window) He was also very sick and suffered very bad foot pains. Well, he was cremated, and our family had him put in a little spot at the nearby cemetery.

After his death I fell back into my depression and it seemed like nothing would cheer me up. A few weeks later I was home by myself and the doorbell rang and I went to go check and no one was there. So I thought maybe it was an electrical problem and thought nothing else of it. But then it happened three more times and the same thing, no one was there! It also always happened when I was home alone. Well a few days after the incident, it happened frequently when everyone was home, so I thought it was either my annoying brothers or my uncle, seeing as to how hes a big kid at heart. It turns out that it would start ringing non stop so we eventually had to take the batteries out. It didn't happen anymore of course. Or so I thought. Well one day I was home by myself and I was very sad and feeling blue and then the doorbell rang, and without thinking I went and opened the door and no one was there. Thats when a big icy cold gush of wind blew by and there was no gusty wind or anything that day.

Also there was no breeze either. But the weird thing was that all of a sudden I was overcome with so much happiness I couldn't believe it. It was like I was never sad or anything. Ever since that day I have not so as depressed or sad. Also it felt like a weight was removed from me.I felt so much better. But to this day I still don't know what happened. Was it my uncle telling me that he was in a much happier and better place? I told my parents but they didn't believe me, But to this day I still think it was my uncle trying to tell me that he was ok and that he was happy.

Thank you for reading my story I hope you enjoyed it.

Christiana, CA, USA
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