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The Drowned Lady

February 2008

This is not my story, this happened to my Uncle one night and he told me because we were swapping stories one night.

One night my Uncle was driving to work. He was on night-shift. He stopped at a set of lights and noticed a car that was stopped at the intersection going in front him. The car was running, it had the lights on, etc. It was a perfectly normal car. But there was no one driving it. He thought it was just a trick of the light. The light turned green, and he drove around the corner. As he did, he looked in his side view mirror. The car that seemed like it didn't have someone driving it, did. It was a middle aged man. Not exactly rare. But on his lap, a lady who looked like she just went swimming, sat there. She was wearing the most hateful look on her face. The man was oblivious to what was happening. Needless to say, my Uncle freaked and swore loudly. He relayed his story to my Aunty, who said the man might have drowned her, and had her spirit follow him around. I agree with my Aunt. Whatever that man did, the Lady didn't appreciate it.

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