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The Dummy Ghost

January 2006

Hi, I'm Andrew.
It all started a few years ago, when my baby sister was born. The baby would always be crying non-stop without her dummy, so my Mum would give her the dummy and the baby would stop crying. But about half an hour later, the baby would start crying again. My mum would check up on her. The baby would not have her Dummy.

This would happen every day. My mum would just think the baby kept losing the dummy, that's what we all thought. But she even lost it while in her crib at night. She would be screaming and crying, even if she had a bottle. That night my Mum walked into the lounge room and suddenly froze, she was literally speechless and her hands were shaking. My Dad stood up and asked her what was wrong. She said "I thought you were with the baby?". My Dad asked her what she meant. She said she saw my Dad in the baby's room, standing over the crib with a dummy in his hand. She started to cry and my Dad said call the police. He quickly ran into the Baby's room but came out shortly afterwards. He said no one was in there. We walked around the house looking for any signs of a break in, there were none. We were all freaked out. We went back into the baby's bedroom (my Dad already came out with the Baby) to see a line of Dummy's on the floor, right next to the crib.
Nothing has happened since.

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