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The Earthbound Soul

October 2003

Late one wet cold night my uncle was walking home from an evening of playing pool. He decided he would take a short-cut home through the cemetery. As he passed by this one grave he noticed a man sitting on top of the headstone and he said "gotta light"? my uncle said "yes" and gave him a light. The man asked my uncle why he was out so late he told him he was out playing pool with some friends. So feeling a little strange and awkward inside he asked the man the same and he replied "I'm an earthbound soul, see I'm not a bad guy but no one prayed for me when I died and they won't let me into Heaven". The man then asked my uncle "will you pray for me"? and my uncle did.

He dropped down on his knees and prayed and when he stood up the man had vanished! Confused, wet, and shook-up my uncle went home and told his mother everything that had happened and never until this day does he tell that story without getting a cold spine tingling, hair raising chill down his back!!!

So next time you go walking through a graveyard be careful because not all spirits are nice and friendly!.

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