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The Elevator (1)

Dragon, New Jersey, USA
January 1999

I used to live in Boston, near Roxbury and Mission Hill, in a dorm called Baker Hall. The summer before I moved into that dorm, I was hired to be on the work crew that would be repainting Baker Hall for the next year. Baker Hall is a 5 story brick building, with a fire door separating one wing of the dorm from the lobby, elevator, and other wing.

One day, the crew I were painting doorways on the 5th floor, and I ended up painting the fire door that separated the men's wing from the elevator/lobby area and women's wing of the dorm. As I sat and painted the bottom of the door frame, the elevator started up. There were only 6 people who could be in the building (including myself) and 5 of them (still me included) were inside already. I kept painting..... and as I painted I felt the left side of my face go ice cold, and a hot pressure turning my head towards the elevator and hallway on my right. The elevator doors opened, and no one got out - but I heard footsteps. workboots.....heavy, men's workboots. The pressure on my face increased, and I found myself tracking the footsteps down the hall, even though I couldn't see a thing. As soon as the elevator doors closed, the pressure on my face switched sides, and i felt hands on my shoulders urging me to run. The rest of the work crew was at the far end of the hall on the men's side, and I bolted down that hallway as fast as i could with the pressure on my shoulders and face the whole way - like there was someone protecting my back from whatever it was that had walked down the other hallway.

This was not the first, nor the last, time that i felt the protective presence, or the first time that I had ran into the malevolent force from the 5th floor - but it certainly was the scareiest. I will always remember that day with fear and awe. My friends on the work crew believed me - I later found out that the girl who had taken over for me to finish painting the fire door felt the ghost come back down the hallway and watch her working.

I have had many more experiences with this and the other spirits in Baker Hall, as well as other spirits in other places, and so have my friends - we don't know why the ghosts are there in Baker, or how they got there, but they certainly affected me and my friends very much......but that's another story, for another time.

Dragon, New Jersey, USA
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