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The Elevator Ride

Florida, USA
December 1998

Ialways was interested in ghosts and other unexplained experiences so I decided to explore my curiosities, and went to various places that I have been told that may be haunted. Being that I live in Miami, I decided to go to the Biltmore Hotel since it was rumored to be haunted. In order to get into the hotel, my friends and I told the front desk that we wanted to check out the place for a bridal shower we wanted to hold there. Afterwards, we asked the lady if there were penthouses that we may rent for the night that would fit about 10 of us. She said she did and gave us some prices.

Well with enough convincing, the lady said she would show us the penthouse room. This is the same room that Capone was rumored to have lived in for a while. We rode up to the sixth floor and then changed elevators to then proceed to the 13th floor. It was then that we felt uneasy about our ride. We all entered the elevator and the doors closed slowly. We figured that it was normal for an older elevator. But soon after the lights dimmed in the elevator and the elevator was not moving anywhere. After what seemed about a minute the elevator went up to the 13th floor but did not open it's door. It then shot down again to the 6th floor. We all just looked at each other and then it shot right back up to the 13th floor. The lady gave us an uneasy smile and said "Well here we are" and we all exited the elevator.

Once we all waited for the lady to open the door, the phone rang from inside the room! Now, why would the front desk transfer a call to a room where no one was staying at. We all entered the room and the room was cold. Again, why would the air be on in a room with no registered guest? Well, we entered the room and all I can say is that it did feel rather weird, and although we opened the room and entered it, it felt as though someone else was there as well. As we walked around the penthouse, the piano key rang and that was when the lady started suggesting that we should start heading back downstairs.

When the elevator arrived, we all walked in and turned around waiting for the doors to close. Yet, there was a few seconds before they did and it was then when we heard the piano playing inside. I think we all started to push the buttons for the doors to close!. Once they did we were back on 6th and then at the lobby. I could tell the uneasiness of the lady and after speaking with her she admitted feeling the same way; that the place was haunted.

As we left it still intrigued me what had happened and as we looked up to the building it felt as thousands of faces were looking back at us. Needless to say, we haven't been back, but we wish we could one day to investigate the frightening days/nights of the Biltmore Hotel.

Florida, USA
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