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The Every Now And Then Ghost

Michelle Wilson, UK
February 2002

This story relates to me and My Mum and it happens every so often and especially at times of need.

When I was younger I always remember strange things happening to my Mum. One event I can always remember happened not long after my younger Brother was born. We had lived in London at the time of his birth but when he was a couple of months old we moved outside of London.

We were driving to London and the drive was well over an hour. My brother was asleep in his car chair and I was sitting in the back with him and there was a gap between us both. Suddenly my Mum heard her name being called quietly, but she didn't take much notice as she was extremely tired what with just recently having a baby and moving. She constantly heard her name being called and she looked in her mirror and saw her Uncle sitting in between myself and my brother very clearly he smiled at her and she then realised that she had been falling asleep and the cars behind her were sounding there horns.

Was her Uncle who had died a few years earlier warning her because if she wouldn't have suddenly realised she was falling asleep we could have had an extremely bad accident.

I am a firm believer that your deceased loved ones are always there watching over you. Often when I am feeling down and depressed I will get a sign such as things being rearranged or the television being turned off. When my Mum and Dad divorced things happened all the time and sometimes it really spooked us out but we always realised that it was only our loved ones.

I have many other incidents that have happened but it would take forever and they are all very similar but the things that have happened have made me realise that there is something unknown to us out there!

Michelle Wilson, UK
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