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The Eyes

Michael Rennebu, Hawaii, USA
May 1999

Hello, my name is Mike, and I currently live in Hawaii USA, but I used to live in New Hampshire USA.

When I was about 10, I'm 19 now, I was sleeping over my aunts house out in the boonies. My cousin and I were sleeping in his parlor, like we always used to. Before this particular incident I am about to describe I was always staying weekends over there. I've always known that the house was haunted, heard stories, and even seen weird things, like a sock flying through the air, chairs rocking back and forth. Even heard plenty of things, people walking back and forth in their attack, people talking... etc. But before this, none of those events ever really scared me.

One night, my cousin and I were sleeping in the parlor like I said. Well, we weren't really sleeping, we were pretty much talking, while everyone else was sleeping. All of a sudden around I'd say 1 in the morning, their dog starting barking up a storm, and going crazy. Well, we didn't want anyone to be woken up so we went outside to check on him. They have a lot of land and the dog was a little ways on the other side of the lawn.

We started walking over to check on him, and we noticed that he was trying to bite at something, and swat at something. As we got closer the dog was going more and more wild. Suddenly we noticed these two glowing eyes that turned our way and stared at us for a moment. We went completely stiff. The eyes just stayed there and stared as the dog was still trying to get at it, then all of a sudden the eyes just zoomed really fast over to this burnt down barn they had in their back yard, where lights were flickering off and on... there was no electricity hooked up to the barn. Needless to say, my cousin and I peed our pants and went in back in the house. We then just sat there shocked all night long, didn't get an ounce of sleep.

That was the last time I ever stayed over at their house for the night.

Michael Rennebu, Hawaii, USA
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