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The Face (2)

Virginia, USA
September 1997

Well to start of I have several stories to tell but the first is about the house I grew up in since I was a child. I have had the gift or lets just say I can "sense" and see things others can't. As a child I was terrified to sleep in my own bedroom by myself, I saw a face on my ceiling right above me, it was the face of a man, it always scared me and whenever I looked at it it seemed to be staring right back at me. Looking at it made my blood run cold but what frightened me most was that as I got older I came to think that it was just some weird sort of shadow so I moved EVERYTHING in my room around. That night it WAS STILL THERE so I tried again, I put a poster over it that night and so now it appeared BESIDE THE POSTER!!

I resigned myself to just ignoring it. A few months later my grandmother who I lived with at that time decided to do a little remodeling so as part of that remodeling she decided to have all the ceilings spackled which should have covered up the face with a layer of white rough plaster like paint. It worked for about 4 days but then the face started to seep through the spackle so I finally decided it was some sort of ghost, our house had one other one and she had never really bothered me so I just decided to let it go as that but I always wondered who the ghost was.

Several years later we got a visit from a man who had grown up in the house before it had been sold to us, he stated that the house was well over 93 years old and had been in his family until it had been sold to us and that his uncle had died in my bedroom.

Virginia, USA
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