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The Faithful Pet

Nichole Brown, Arizona, USA
September 1998

Ihave always had strange experiences, ever since I was little. I've heard voices, seen ghosts, had precognitive dreams, been saved by angels, and I have spoken to the dead. I guess you could say I'm one of the lucky ones. I took a trip with my parents to Las Vegas when I was younger, and we had a friend take care of my pets. I had a Guinea Pig that lived in our back yard. His name was Brad.

I awoke one night in the hotel room suddenly, and noticed a square of light, and a strange shadow in the center of it. I realized the shadow was Brad. He appeared, floating in the air above me. He told me that he had died and that is was time for him to go to heaven. I began to cry. I waved to him as he floated through the ceiling, and I said " Good by Brad, I'll miss you, see you later." I suddenly became incredibly tired and I fell asleep. The next morning my dad checked the home answering machine from a hotel phone for messages. He became very sullen, and hung up. He looked at me and said, "Nikki, Brad is dead ---- found him under the bush. I just smiled and said, " I know Dad, he already said goodbye."

Nichole Brown, Arizona, USA
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