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The Family Ghosts

Minnesota, USA
May 2001

Our house is very very old at least 110 years old. Our relatives are the only people that have lived here. Which means that no one else that we aren't related to has lived here. I know a lot of people think it is crazy to think that there are really ghosts or spirits. But I know they are all out there and are waiting for us to help them.

I have a few different stories for you below of my families experiences with the dead and lurking spirits.

My little sister was sitting in her highchair when she was a toddler, and my older sister who was about 7 was feeding her. She saw a little girl standing behind her and it wasn't anyone she knew. She started to get scared and was going to run and tell my mom but it disappeared before she left.

Another spook was when my dad was fixing the plow on our tractor and my mom was sitting on the seat of it. My dad was cranking in a bolt when someone or something tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and said "What did you tap me for?" And my mom replied , "I didn't tap you, why would I ?" "Someone tapped me" said my dad. From this day on my parents don't know who or what tapped him since no one was around except my mom and dad and my mom swears it wasn't her.

My sister came down the stairs as fast as a lightning bolt looking as pale as a ghost. My mom asked her what was wrong. She said that she had seen a lady dressed in white standing next to the closet, the lady was as pale as a ghost. Which is why we think it is a ghost.

This is why my family think that our house is haunted. .

Minnesota, USA
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