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The Family of Father Arthur Glenn

Jessica Anderson, Wiltshire, UK
October 2001

I live in a small town in Wiltshire, which is in the South of the UK. Our town dates back to the 1400's. The town has many ghost stories but this one is told the most. I am told, that over the years the story has changed some what, but I will try my best.

There is a Victorian house (built in 1858) which was built by the Church, which is in the centre of our town. It was originally the home for the Vicar and his family. Anyway, in the early 1890's, the vicar at the time, moved out with his family and another vicar and his family moved in. His name was Father Arthur Glenn. He had a wife who was called Amelia and two children, Catherine and Joseph.

After 10 years or so, Father Arthur Glenn died of a long illness (no one is quite sure what the illness was). Amelia and her children stayed living in the house. After 5 years on her own, Amelia started seeing a local policeman and a year after they got married and the policeman moved in with Amelia and her children. Now, the story goes that the spirit of Father Arthur Glenn never left the house and in early 1906, the policeman was found dead in the cellar and Amelia, Catherine and Joseph were dead in the main bedroom but there was no rational reasons for their deaths. People think that Father Arthur Glenn was deadly jealous that Amelia had re-married and that another man was looking after his children, it is the only reason for their deaths that people know of, so if he couldn't have them, then no one else would.

The house,in 1975, was turned into a museum telling the history of our town. People who worked there, have always talked about hearing noises (like footsteps), children laughing and people shouting. The museum closed in August 1999 as the company who ran it fell into financial problems.

Visitors always talked about hearing strange noises as well.

Today the museum is empty and falling apart. There are wholes in the windows and tiles have fallen off the roof, but you can still hear noises, especially at Halloween. No one knows whether this is stupid kids playing a prank or whether it is the family of Father Arthur Glenn....

I must just say, that no one has actually seen a ghost (not yet anyway) but these noises are far too mysterious and scary to be pranks. Hopefully, one day we will find out what happened to the policeman, Amelia, Catherine and Joseph. Until that day, we'll have to believe what the story says or make up our own minds.

Thank you for reading my story.

Jessica Anderson, Wiltshire, UK
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