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The Family on the Stairs

Anonymous, UK
August 2015

I’ve been living in the one house my entire life. Every night when I am sitting at the table in ‘my living room. The stairs creek. In my house, some creak, some don’t. Once I look up, I see ‘what looks like a woman,who looks like my dad running up the stairs, really quickly (My dad is ‘transgender). I get up to check if something is there, but nothing is. I go back to my laptop ‘and continue the rest of my night.

‘During the night, I hear the stairs creak again. This is around 1:25 AM at this point. I get ‘up, making sure I don’t wake my sister up, go to the top of the stairs and what do I see, a ‘pair of glowing eyes near the floor. Our cat is locked in the porch and can’t get in as the ‘door is locked. These eyes disappear and to be safe, I go back to bed.

‘Sometimes once I have gone out and come back, I go upstairs to brush through my hair. ‘Just as I reach the few top stairs, A boy, about the age of my youngest brother who is 18 ‘sits there and holds his head in his hands. I take one more step and he is gone quicker than ‘The Flash. At this point I check the whole of upstairs. Nothing I continue my day as normal.

‘Every now and then, instead of a cat, it is a girl about my age, Instead of a man, it is a ‘woman. Instead of a boy, it is another boy about the of my oldest brother who is 24, or a ‘girl about my sister’s age, 16. I keep checking if there was a suicide, murder, or something ‘that had occurred in my house or area. Nothing.

‘I really hope I found out who these people are soon.

Anonymous, UK
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