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The Fan Ghost

Bri, MI, USA
February 2003

This is just a little something that happened to me this past summer. It isn't as freaky as some other ones, but it's still kinda creepy and unexplainable.

My aunt lives only a few blocks away from me and during this summer when there was no school, my younger cousin was over here quite a bit - almost every night of the week. So our parents arranged that once a week all of us would stay over at my aunts house for the night. Their house is smaller and not as cool ours, but it was only fair.

Whenever we stayed over, my aunt would set the air mattress up on the floor of the living room for me and my youngest sister to sleep on. My middle sister would have the couch, and my cousin would stay in the living room with us for a while and then she'd go sleep in her room. I always found it hard to sleep there, because it was summer and very hot for our area and I'm one of those people who need it to be ice cold in order to sleep.

One night I woke up about 3:30 or so and I couldn't go back to sleep. I lay there awake for a bit, then I actually started to get a bit chilly thanks to the ceiling fan that was going above me. So I covered up and closed my eyes, attempting to fall back to sleep. Suddenly the ceiling fan shut off. I heard somebody flip the switch, and then the fan stopped. I figured it was either my aunt or my uncle turning it off. My aunt didn't sleep well sometimes and my uncle had to get up at 4:00 for work anyways. I opened my eyes and looked over where the switch was, only to find there was nobody there. That I found odd, because without the fan on their house was SILENT, so I would've heard whoever it was walking back through the kitchen and the living room. Thinking maybe I just wasn't paying enough attention, I sat up and looked around.

Now, at their house, in order to get out of sight from anyone in the living room, you would have to trek across the kitchen and through the living room. There's no way that in the time it took me to open my eyes and sit up that my aunt or uncle could get back across the house, especially without me hearing them. Needless to say, after that I was a bit freaked out and couldn't go back to sleep anyway. I still wonder who turned off the fan...hey, maybe there was a spirit there who saw I was getting cold!

Bri, MI, USA
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