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The Figure in the Bedroom

Kelsey, Iowa, USA
October 2006

In the small town I live in, there's a house thats hidden by trees, and has been for sale since 2002. My mother works for the agency that the previous owners sold it with. It was simply left. The owners were an old couple, and it seemed to me that the house was a farm, but the land was taken to build condos. The husband died of a mysterious illness, but he was around 95 years old. Immediately, the woman wanted to sell the house. She refused to stay in it, so she quickly left.

Now, my mother had to go into the house one night with some others to make it look the best, although I was sure it was going to be destroyed for land development. It had red siding that was peeling and chipped: spiders crawling everywhere. The windows had yellowed curtains and dirt streaked glass. The furniture was old style, with velvet and dark brown imprints. I came along, and until then I wasn't one to believe in haunts and ghosts.
The house was musty and as I walked up the stairs it was harder to breathe. I kept getting the feeling that something was behind me, and trying to grab my sweater. I could feel black rings around my vision, as If I was going to pass out (I've never had problems like this). I was barely at the top of the wooden stairs when I thought I was best to get my mom. If she would walk up there with me and not be paranoid then I'd know I was just freaking myself out.
I was looking at her the entire time as we walked down the hallway. But once we approached the master bedroom, that, with its door wide open, was directly at the end of the hall, she stopped. I kept looking at her, but then I noticed she was frozen, with a fearful look on her face. I looked into the bedroom, and I saw a slightly blue form (that looked like those colorful things you see after you take a picture) looking at it for a few more seconds, it became blacker. I heard heavy male breathing, and knowing it wasn't either my mom or I, we both rushed down the stairs as soon as it started walking toward us slowly. My mother told them I was tired and needed to study for a test (which I really needed to do) we both went home.
The next time (and last) I ever drove by that house, was once I got my license. I looked at the window of the master bedroom, and very faintly, I could see in in the back of the room. The house was destroyed for land development, and the condos build on top of the land were said to have erie moments in certain rooms.

Kelsey, Iowa, USA
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