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The Floating Blue Woman

March 2002

The area that I live in here in Pennsylvania is a very haunted area. We live around woods with tons of burnt down and crumbling houses that have been here since the early 1900's.

Well here is my Grandmothers story.

This happened about 2 years ago. My grandmother lived back in the woods with her husband. They had about 24 or 25 acres of woods and open pastures/grasslands. Well one evening my grandmother was out on the front steps calling the cats in for the night. She looked up, and out in the field was woman in a blue dress, she looked like she was from the late 1800's early 1900's. She was coming towards my grandmother and she wasn't walking she was floating or gliding. She was coming faster now, so my grandmother hurried and got the cats in. She looked at the door and went in and told her husband, at this point they heard a big bang on the front door. My grandfather grabbed his gun at that point and went to the door. They opened the door very fast to see if the could catch the person or thing in its act. But nothing was there. Then there sitting on the porch was a bundle of wild flowers, but this is not possible because all of the flowers were dead at this time during the late fall.

Not until a couple of days later did my grandmother realize who the lady was, she new the woman looked familiar but just couldn't figure out who she was. But then she remembered back a long time ago in the early 1920's her family had lived in the same house her husband and her were living in. (her mother and father wanted them to have the house and the land, because it was very valuble). She was only 7 or so years old, but there was a neighbor they used to go visit, my grandmother and her mother and father took some flowers over to her because she wasn't feeling very good. (little did she now, the reason she didn't feel good was because her son was poisoning her very slowly, because he was jealous of his mothers new boyfriend) and on this particular day after my grandmother visited she died. Her son, feeling guilty, then burnt down the house with himself and her body inside because he felt guilty. And those flowers the woman in blue brought my grandmother were the same exact flowers that my grandmother had brought her some 78 years ago.

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