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The Fog (1)

Aldo Rosado, GA, USA
September 2002

On September 16, 2001. I had just come back from a funeral where my mother in-law was buried. It was a sad day for everybody.

We returned to the house and all the family showed after the funeral to enjoy the food and talk about old times. I noticed in the back yard there was a white dove. Very unusual to be in the yard. She was never there before. I called my wife and she came to look out side the window. Everybody marvelled about the white dove perched on the birth bath. This was a beautiful site. Especially since there has never been a white dove in her yard ever until that day after the funeral. We thought it was a sign that maybe her mother was telling us that heaven is beautiful as ever. We could only speculate.

The next three days we spent at the home sitting around and talking. My wife and I had planned to leave that evening and head back to our home about 150 miles away. I wanted to visit the grave site one more time. I drove up to the gardens where her mother was laid to rest. I noticed a rank smell. It was only by her grave. When I walked away it did not smell near any other grave. I thought this was strange. I figured maybe it was fertilizer that the grounds keepers put on the grass after someone is buried so that the grass will grow back fast. I didn't know and didn't ponder on it further. It was weird. The wind began to blow hard and then suddenly quitely it stopped.

I don't know what all of this meant. Was it a sign like the white dove or would I have to just leave it alone and not worry about it so much?. There was no sense in getting crazy over all of this. I never really liked funerals anyway, but out of respect I appeared and made a showing. I even played a song on my guitar for the funeral. I wrote it and it was called Fly Away.

My wife and I later that evening packed up our bags and headed off for home.

When I arrived at home. I was a little tired from all of the family gatherings and discussions. I wanted to take a shower. So I took my shower.. Afterwards I walked into my bedroom. There it was. Smoke was around the mirror of my wife's dresser. I got up and smelled the smoke. I thought my wife was smoking cigarettes again in the bedroom. I couldn't smell anything. I put my hand through it and it was so weird. It was like a fog. I hollered at my wife. "Come here quickly, hurry come here quick," I said. She was slow getting up from the living room. Before she entered the room the fog had disappeared. I told her what I witnessed.

To this day it has never appeared again. Was it her mother, as I thought to myself?. These questions remain unanswered. I would have never believed that something so strange would occur after a funeral. I seriously believe it was her mother trying to give me a sign that everything is ok.

To this day the fog in the bedroom remains a mystery; however you contemplate it, it just doesn't make any sense to me at all. I am a firm believer now! There is an afterworld, but you wouldn't know about it till your time comes.

So until then, we have to live with the phenomena that ghosts do exist. I'm not scared anymore. I understand that it has a powerful meaning. Until it happens to other people they would tend not to believe until it happens to them personally like it did to me.

Aldo Rosado, GA, USA
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