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The Fog (2)

Tani L, GA, USA
October 2002

Let me just say that this is completely true. It's one of many bizarre occurrences I have grown up with.

When I was a little girl, about 4 or 5, I shared a room with my parents. My tiny bed was snuggled in the corner overlooking the large room and my parents bed. I'm not entirely certain when it all first started, but I remember the fog. It started off as a shadow. A shadow so dark it blurred the ceiling above their bed. The more I watched it the more it changed. The shadow appeared to get clearer, like a fog. The white fog seemed to stay above thier heads, never spreading out, just there. Like a small cloud.

I never knew what to make of it. It became commonplace. One night i awoke with a feeling of being watched. I turned and looked at my parents and what I saw set my hairs on end.

There was another cloud above them now. But this one was red. This one seemed to pulsate the more I watched it. For the first time I was terrified. I started to cry and my mother came over. I told her what I saw and she told me not to worry about it. I think she couldn't see it because she had turned on the light. I was so insistent that she took me over to her bed so I could sleep between her and my father. I agreed because I was too frightened to stay by myself.

As I lay there between them I could feel this energy that seemed to emanate from the clouds. The red one terrified me more than anything had ever scared me before. Whenever it was around I couldn't sleep. I just stared at it and cried. There was such a feeling of despair that came over me whenever it was there. The white one was the complete opposite. I felt fine when it was there. Almost peaceful.

I never understood why they were there, but whenever the red one was there my parents would spend the morning fighting. To this day I don't understand why or what they wanted. The battle between Good and Evil rages on.

Tani L, GA, USA
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