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The Forgotten Century

Elizabeth, TX, USA
June 2001

When I was a teenager, I went to stay a few weeks in my cousins house. My cat Trisha also came along for the stay.

After her first day there she had got into some messy tar and had it trailed down her back, we were unable to get it out and were afraid we would have to shave her. Later on I retired for the night in the upstairs room of my cousin Bonnie.

Late into the night I was woken by a cool breeze blowing into the blanket down by my feet. When I opened my eyes I saw at the door, a man , a woman, and a boy child standing in the doorway! They were dressed in dirty, turn-of-the-century clothes and all had an annoyed, exhausted look on their faces. The woman, who was obviously the wife of the man she stood beside, was holding something in her hands, and the object was moving....Trisha! She had my cat Trisha, the woman began walking, floating rather, toward me until she reached the foot of my bed where she hesitated for a moment. She looked at me , paused a moment longer, she was making sure that I saw the cat, and realized who it was. After a moment she floated thru my feet, up thru my body,and out thru the wall behind me. Instantly I fell back asleep and remembered all this when I woke up. I shared my story with Bonnie and family at breakfast. Bonnie said she has seen the ghosts many times, but didn't want to scare me before I went to bed so she hadn't said anything about them to me.

I went to look for Trisha, and gasped when I saw that the tar on her back was gone!

Elizabeth, TX, USA
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