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The Fort

Christina, Florida, USA
February 1998

My story is about a Fort in St. Augustine Florida. If you've been to St. Aug (short name for it) then you know what Fort I'm talking about, if not then, well...The Fort:

Ever since I was little I've gone to St. Aug. And every time I'd go to the Fort. The fort was a real fort. You have to pay to get in it ($4.50 or something), when you pay you have to cross the moat bridge. Sometimes when you look down into the moat either it's only mud or sometimes water (they are fixing up the moat so more water gets in it). Well once you cross the moat your inside. There's alot of hidden rooms and stuff. The rooms of the prisoners are the ones that are haunted. I was in a room once (when I was about 11, I'm 12 now) and in this room they have all the stuff that that prisoners had in there. I was looking out the bared window when I felt a hand on my shoulder, I thought it was my Mom so I said "hi Mommy", but she didn't answer back, so I started to get mad so I said "HI MOM!" I turned around and No one was there. So I looked around the room, thinking my Mom is trying to freak me and then saw a figure sitting in a dark corner. I said "Mom, haha you had your laughs so now can we get out of here, this place give me the creeps". But she didn't answer, so then I started to think, maybe this isn't my Mom. Then I said "Hello?", no answer "holla?" (Spanish for hello?" no answer, "bon jour?" (no idea why I said that!) But after I said Bon Jour a voice started to talk, and it sure as hell wasn't french! So I said "No, Espaniol" (No Spanish) then the figure stood up, and came closer, god I was scared to death, I just couldn't move. He started to say stuff in whatever language he was using, then he started to speak English as he was walking towards me, he said "help me, help me". I said "How can I help you?" He pointed to my necklace which has a Key on it (my house key) then I said in my mind "a key? why would he want a.....he wants a get out!" I said "Do you want to get out?" He nodded. Then he got close to the light so I could see him, he was an Indian, in Indian clothes. Then the Dressed up Spanish actors walked past the bared window and he said "I MUST GET OUT!!" and ran right towards me with an axe!. I moved out of the way and his axe went right into the wall, then he disappeared. I went up to the wall and they was an axe mark there. I grabbed the key on my necklace...but they were gone, I looked around the room and I saw it...moving on the floor....right towards this big crack in the floor. I chased after it till the key part fell in the crack but I grabbed the cord, then around the room I head his voice say "let go!" so I did, I looked in the crack and I saw an eye which blinked and vanished.

I guess that poor soul of that Indian finally got the key to get out, just not the right key....

Christina, Florida, USA
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