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The Four Encounters

Stefan, UK
March 2002

Hello there, after reading many of the paranormal experiences on this site, I thought I would share your experiences with you that happened to me any my family. If I related them all, well it would be very long to say the least. Everything that happened and which I am about to tell you is true. It is up to you, as the reader, whether you wish to believe it or not.

I have lived in two haunted houses, but it is with the second haunted house, that I shall focus on here.

The first of the four strange experiences to happen sends shivers down my spine even though I was not around at the time of the incident.

My mum and brother were at the bottom of the stairs to the next level talking. It was daytime, and no one else was home. All of a sudden, something caught my mum and brother's eye on the floor. What they saw shook them up. A long, dark shadow passed on the floor, and then disappeared. The way the shadow was cast was as if it was from a person who had crossed the floor upstairs between my sister's bedroom and the bathroom. My mother and brother, both shaken, made their way upstairs to look for who had caused the shadow. They looked in my sister's bedroom?nothing. They looked in the bathroom?nothing. They looked everywhere in the house, but could find no explanation. When I came home and learnt of this, I went upstairs and walked along the landing and as I walked from my sister's room and in the direction of the bathroom, my mother who was at the bottom of the stairs, saw my shadow cast by me and said it was just like the shadow she and my brother had seen. From this, we concluded that someone had been upstairs, and had crossed the floor between my sister's bedroom, and the bathroom, and had somehow slipped away undetected, or that the shadow could have been caused by someone walking on the public path behind the back garden, and that their shadow had somehow cast through the window upstairs that overlooked the stairs.

The problem with that is that the public path is lower than the window, and to even cast a shadow like that, the person walking on the path would have to be at least 10 foot tall. I think that's what scares me.

Well not long after, me, my dad, mum and sister went on holiday. My brother decided not to join us,and stayed at the house with his girlfriend. Well, when we came back after a week, we came home to a very nervous looking brother. He, a man of his then mid twenties related to us how he had experienced many strange happenings while we were away.

The first of which when he was in the bath upstairs and his girlfriend was in his bedroom downstairs. He said how he heard three knocks at the bathroom door, and had called out to his girlfriend in reply. There was no answer and after he got out of the bath he asked his girl what she wanted when she knocked. She said she had not, and had been asleep.

That night my brother and his girlfriend were in his bedroom, drifting off to sleep when the latch of his door went up. Now the latch was there as it was an old door that did not have a knob or handle, but a latch. Luckily, my brother had a bolt on the door and the latch went up, but the door could not open. My brother, naturally thinking there was an intruder in the house, grabbed his baseball bat from under the bed and searched the entire house finding no sign of anyone breaking in. He went back to his bedroom and once again bolting the door.

That night, and the following nights, my brother and his girlfriend would be disturbed by the latch of the door lifting, but even more scarier, the sound of footsteps upstairs sounding like they were walking from my sister's bedroom to the bathroom and back again. Scared, my brother and his girlfriend would not leave his bedroom till it was lightoutside. My brother and his girlfriend (now wife) swear what they say happened, did happen. Needless to say, nexttime we went on holiday, he and his girlfriend came with us.

The third experience that I shall tell of was when I was sitting in my bedroom, and I had my door open, and with the door open on the left, you can look out onto the floor where my sister's bedroom and the bathroom is, as well asthe airing cupboard next to my room. I was sitting on the floor, and was cleaning my model cars. Everyone else wasdownstairs. All of a sudden, something to my left caught my attention to warrant a look out of my bedroom. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something truly weird. What I can only describe as a white, shapeless thing with black holes in it moved slowly from my sister's bedroom to the wall to the bathroom, before disappearing. Taken aback, Icontemplated what I had just seen. The outside of this thing had short tentacles that rotated around the body. Itwas a blob, white, with black holes.

After calming myself down, I ran very fast downstairs. I told everyone about it, and only when I thought about it that the "it" had taken the same route as the shadow that my mum and brother had seen, that from my sister's room to the bathroom, and the footsteps he and his girlfriend heard the time when they were alone in the house. Well, I tried to rationalise the sighting, and tried to put it at the back of my mind.

The one event that really sticks out for me was when I was in the bath. My Mum and I were the only ones in the house. I was relaxing when I heard three knocks on the bathroom door. I shouted out "Yeah" thinking it was my Mum, even though I had not heard her come up the stairs (she takes her time, she has arthritis). No reply. So I carried on relaxing when I heard three knocks again. This time I got out of the bath, wrapped a towel round me and unbolted and opened the door. No one there. No one upstairs. I called to my Mum who appeared at the bottom ofthe stairs. I asked if she had been knocking as she said no. I honestly did not know quite what to make it of it, so I reluctantly went back in the bathroom, and bolted the door. But instead of getting back in the bath, I waitedbehind the door. I heard a creak, just one, on the floor outside the door, which has a distinctive creak. Then?knock knock knock. I quickly unbolted the door, opened the door and????.nothing. No one. I called for my mum again, who appeared at the bottom of the stairs again and I told her if she is playing some joke, just admit it. My mum did not know what I was on about, and I told her to stop knocking, and she swore she had not.

I searched the upstairs and found nothing, got dressed searched and searched downstairs, nothing, just my mum cooking.

My mum still is adamant that she did not knock or come up the stairs, and I did not hear the front door or back door open to suggest another family member playing a prank, and besides I do not know how they could suddenly disappear without a noise when I opened the bathroom door quickly to the final knocking anyway.

What I conclude from these four experiences is that there is something that walks on the floor between my sister's bedroom and the bathroom, that my brother and mother saw as black shadow, my brother heard walking frommy sister's bedroom to the bathroom, I saw as a shapeless white blob taking the same route, and finally, the knockingon the bathroom door.

As I said earlier, I have experienced other things, but these four occurrences experienced by myself and other members of the family are linked, and stand out.

Thanks for reading.

Stefan, UK
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